Awesome, brought to you by your childhood (50 Photos)

This epic nostalgia and more at imremembering.

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  • Stupendous

    What about Micro Machines?

  • Greg

    I have an Alf phone in my desk drawer at work. My wife wouldn't let me keep him at home cause he is ugly. lol.

  • Abrar

    rocko and all those great toons kids these day are not geting

    what a loss.

    P.S-kenan & kel pic is missing,watch it up if you did'nt.

  • Hector

    No Hot Wheels? That's child abuse, isn't it?

  • jeremy

    What about Biker Mice From Mars?

  • Jesus

    Thumbs up if you think the 20th century pwns today, and childhood in general pwns everything.

  • Drunk rancor

    DUDE! Ewoks Battle for Endor FTFW! Hell yeah! That takes me back to the years before life became serious enough for me to want to kill myself!

  • Anonymous

    That was incredible… but where were LEGOS?

  • Billy

    No Transformers? GI Joe?

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  • AZ

    you forgot lite brite mufucka

  • danisawred

    my neighbors probably think i'm getting my brains f***ed out, cuz i just shrieked with joy at each pic as i paged down.

  • jess c

    Wow! A golf ball on a bungee rope!

  • Laura

    the amount of things on this list that i have had or still own is amazing

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  • David

    ive got the magic eye book…fucking awesome 🙂

  • JEN

    It's weird cause I know this is the 80s but I grew up with all of this stuff and I'm from the early 90s
    and holy cow does this bring back memories even the creepy nugget puppet things. I remember all of them except for 38, 46 and 49. It must be because I grew up with older siblings from the 80s which included SCUMM games TMNT and the original and awesome Transformer toys that were nearly impossible to figure out and the fact that the little ones transformed into cassettes were just priceless. Plus I used to steal all my brothers' metal pogs!!!

  • Connie

    Everything looks familiar….I still have sets of all the Berenstein Bear books….Tons of Ninja Turtle stuff….

  • justme

    omg, I love those chicken nugget commercials. o.o

  • Killroyoneal

    #40 – STREET SHARKS!! I used to have I big-ass Street Sharks puppet when I was little.

  • random

    Whats Number 23 Called ?????

  • yeh right

    'nuff said.

  • bazzzil

    Does anyone know A) what number 23 are called B)if so, where can i find them?

  • Danielle

    This post has made me immensely happy, I remember pretty much everything here (I'm 30). I had the cookie counter, that thing kicked ass!! Man I wish it was still 1986…

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