Famous plus-size model decides to lose the weight (15 Photos)

Chrystal Renn is perhaps the most famous plus-size model of all time. Formerly a supermodel, she decided food was more fun and turned it into a career. Recently though she's seen the light and slimmed down. If you're a chubby chaser this is a dark day for you. But if you like banging thin women, I've got great news! So let the debate begin. Was she better bigger?

  • J

    If she was plus size, then God help the rest of us.

  • fzero

    the best part is that she is obviously insecure about her weight so she’s probably really easy to take advantage of

  • Alan


  • dsefs

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  • elbruce

    Better before by far. There are plenty of concentration camp victims having photos taken of them. Not so many godesses in modelling though.

  • Boo Radley

    she’s SUPER gorgeous as a plus size model. she looks like she starves herself now. bring back those beautiful curves!

  • John G

    I’d hit it

  • Pufffdragon

    54th!! Fuck you First…..and Alex

  • thetech2

    big small thick or thin vaseline will get it in ,com eon people I like girls ,I like natural girls that are the way they are if someone loses alot of weight to be someone they’re not then its just not them I like a person who is who they are supposed to be not some faker poser wanna be just be yourself if that person is a little bigger then so be it as long as they act like themselves and don’t always act like they feel everyone would like them better if they lost sixty pounds and had all their bones exposed fuck that I like the opposite sex to have some meat on them plus size or not just like yourself and you will get laid no matter who you are

  • frankenbozo

    When I was a young monster I was painfully thin and my girlfriend was even thinner. Doing the deed was like two skeletons fuck’in on a tin roof.

  • Rummy

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • goposaur

    meat is for the man, bone is for dog

  • Jim

    Looked better before.

    Nothing wrong with curves…..

  • Lyle

    I like a little meat with my potatoes…She looks great as a big girl.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Razzle Dazzle, someone has been reading their cracked.com. And yeah, Matt from NJ, you’re a fucking idiot. No wonder you live in New Jersey.

  • X-Nun

    A brief google search and it apears that the skinny pictures are actually a “before” and the plus size is current.

    • huh

      That is incorrect. The skinny pics are part of a new ad. The confusion is probably because she was really skinny in the beginning of her career, then got larger, and is now really skinny again.

  • forge

    I hesitate to judge people because of how they look, but I hope this woman realizes she looks like f*cking hell.

    • forge

      And by that I mean the “now” picture, she looks quite nice in the other images.

  • marija

    she haven’t lost weight,she gained.she was starving before,now she gained.

  • sizeten

    the picture is heavily photoshoped … look how fat her fingers are It doesn’t seem that in reality she is much slimmer now than in the Chanel show in May when she was a size 12.. those fingers are at least a size 10 🙂

  • Sam

    She wasn’t even “fat” before. She was gorgeous as she was and she still is pretty, but in my opinion she was prettier with more curves. She looked like what a woman is supposed to look like. Soft and subtle. Now she just looks like a little teenage girl.

  • Raymond Osbourne

    PEOPLE!! The Chive got it all wrong. She use to be skinny (size 0), but has since put on some more weight to become the plus size model (size 12). The Chive has mixed it up.


  • julietromeobravo

    Win – Win situation.

    She is hot when she is curvy (plus size) and she is hot when she is thin.

    I wouldn’t mind someone like that at least its not all downhill after her giving birth.

  • OMGUsed

    Whatever the state of her body, when a woman transits from fat to thin, the breasts are deformed in most cases, reducing the woman’s attractiveness.

    This is only my opinion though.

  • not a fat girl

    Dear fat girls,

    Please stop pretending to be guys and commenting about how fat=curves and that big girls are hot. None of us are falling for it. However, we enjoy a nice bj from chubby sluts and chubby sluts enjoy the twinkies that we arent ashamed of buying. This is our best offer…. Lets be friends.


  • top dog

    Most men like “full figured” woman, I know I do. I thought she was sexy as hell before, but it is more healthier for her to loose the weight tho, the question is, will she still get those phone calls for work(modeling)?

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