Famous plus-size model decides to lose the weight (15 Photos)

Chrystal Renn is perhaps the most famous plus-size model of all time. Formerly a supermodel, she decided food was more fun and turned it into a career. Recently though she's seen the light and slimmed down. If you're a chubby chaser this is a dark day for you. But if you like banging thin women, I've got great news! So let the debate begin. Was she better bigger?

  • chubBuster

    Looks pretty hot in the 2 after pictures (and those were probably the worst they could find). I do not understand this fatty fad that’s going on. Fat girls are gross, the weight really takes a toll on their body, especially the legs and I’m a leg man. But worry not lard ass, apparently there’s a lot of fat lovers out there; I’m just not one of them.

  • floscar

    Yup looks ugly as sin now, she was way better as she was.

  • rachface

    Hmmmm, I think she is way better looking chubby.

    Although, I’m not a big fan of her bushy eyebrows.

  • kylle


  • krashtester

    She is just gorgeous!

  • Buffet

    Real men favor a real (before) woman – NOT one that looks like a little boy!

  • EvilGirl

    These photos are back to front. She actually started off as a model when she was (I think) 14 or so, and ended up with an eating disorder from the pressure of trying to be thin enough for rags like Vogue. She then put weight on and became (and still is as far as I know) one of the top plus-sized models working today. So the skinny cracked-out look was when she was much younger, if you look carefully at the photos, the plus-size ones show her as looking older.

  • Shmee

    Crystal Renn WAS an anorexic couture model when she was younger, and NOW she's a plus sized model, these pictures are showing the opposite of what really happened.

  • dsfsdf

    lol because the skinny pic is from before she gained weight.

  • guest

    She looked so much better when she had the weight on. The new pictures make her look like a heroine addict!

  • Bill

    Image 4 was Photoshopped. Her arms were slimmed down and lengthened.

  • audrey

    She didn't lose weight, that last photo was Photoshopped! Read more about it here: http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2010/07/crystal_re

  • Ranjith

    she was looking verry nice and sexy,but now she is not loking gooooooooooooooood

    plz…………………………….go 2 the first stage

  • Suv

    for the reccord shes not as skinny as those pictures suggest. They photo shopped them big time, she was erally mad about it .. theres a whole big thing about it. she was beautiful before, she still is.. She does not actually look AS skinny as those after photos suggest she is.

  • v8v8v8v8v8v8v8v8

    She looked like a normal woman should, with curves where there should be curves. She was pretty much an average size as well, I certainly wouldn't desrcibe her as plus sized.
    In the last Picture she looks like a boy, a pre-pubescent boy at that

  • Roxxxxx

    You got it backwards! She started out skinny and got bigger/healthy. Look it up.

  • NoPartyFollower

    The only "plus" I want in the bedroom would be another skinny chick………

  • dean

    not true actually. this girl put out a whole book about her weight GAIN. that pic is BEFORE she put on weight.

  • dave

    aaaghhh! Nasty looking as a skinny girl. I'd prefer her before.

  • BigBill

    Sexy with curves… skanky skinny

  • David

    Great now.

    Fat Before.

    Well done.

    You're a winner.

  • nacirema

    Not fair. Need more afters.

  • checkyourfacts

    Seriously John, do a little research. Aside from you interpreting 'kicking the eating disorder that was killing her' as "food was more fun", the "hot" photo was so aggressively edited that it prompted her to make a public statement about how many dress sizes were shopped off. She has toned up recently, but that's for very different reasons than you're implying. Fact checking is your friend John. Google has more than just an image search.

    • Angel

      Agreed, she wasn't "healthy" when she had an eating disorder and she wasn't "healthy" when she was overweight. It seems now she has her act together and is leading an actually healthy lifestyle and she's being criticized for it.

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