This Russian spy makes espionage sexy again (18 Photos)

One of the ten spies recently arrested for passing secrets to the Russians is a total femme fatale. Anna Chapman is accused of espionage for Russian intelligence service: the SVR. She has a masters degree in economics, a lavish apartment in financial district of NY, and owns a successful online international real estate agency. She's also gonna spend the rest of her life in prison which is a total waste of tail. I'll volunteer for any conjugal visits Anna needs. I'll do it for my country!

  • J-Greene

    She’s a dead ringer for Jennifer Aniston in #6.

  • NOUU

    put a bullet in her head and let’s move on.

  • yabosid

    Hey, she looks like that Firefly geek girl.

  • ctmu3

    I’m disappointed guys, I thought somebody would have made a “In Soviet Russia….” joke by now.

    That’s not to say I have one…

    • ctmu3

      Oh wait, there it is. Lazy me.

  • RiHugh

    I read the maximum sentence for the crime she is actually accused of is only 5 years. Funny that because she is a hot Russian everyone seems okay with the fact that there was a spy cell in our country. If she was muslim we would be calling for her immediate crucification.

    • forge

      Meh, who cares? We’re friends with Russia. They’re friends with us. So they were spying on us. You don’t think we’re spying on them? Please.

  • bob

    You’re all ridiculous… your judgement of beauty is based on all the digitally and surgically enhanced photography of hollywood sluts… Guarantee that if this girl hit on anyone of us… we’d all turn into little puppy dogs with bulging zippers.

  • stafferty

    I love redheads, but she looks hotter as a brunette (#2 &#6). And, no, she isn’t as hot as most models, but about 8 times out of ten she would be the hottest girl at the bar.

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous!

  • Leif Erikson


  • bob B

    James Bond hit it and split it, and thats why she got caught.

  • Itsilnurk

    Jennifer Aniston, why you betray us?

  • David Shiel

    Set up by the Kremlin. Having way to much fun!

  • Bendrix

    Why are we trading her back to Russia?? We should flip her into a double agent, and I'll flip her in other directions as well.

  • 76United

    She looks just like Kaylee from Firefly

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