Happy belated 4th of July: lower back problem edition (29 Photos)

  • Chris

    Thank you

    • doug

      True that, OMG YES 14, 15


        LET US FUCK.

  • ROFLCentral.com

    Sitting at your webcam in your room lit by a neon budweiser sign. So many mixed signals. Redneck, beach bum, party girl, hobag, webcam pornstar, WHICH COULD IT POSSIBLY BE?

    This is the only time I’ve posted this soon on the comment board before. Interesting. It’s also about boobs which I F$#)(@#)$(ING LOVE!

    That’s all.

    • ROFLCentral.com

      Oh, and hope all you USofAmerican’s out there had a good independence day weekend. Fireworks kicked ass last night at my house 🙂

      • HellHathNoFury

        And everyone that isn’t American had a horrible weekend devoid of happiness?

        • TiminPhx

          Put me down for hoping you had a terrible weekend, you snarky tool. Let’s hope you cried and cried when you found out your fave all male bathhouse was closed down by the Health Department.

          • HellHathNoFury

            Sounds to us as if you have a bit of experience with such things, Tim.

            • Nateb123

              Not to back up Tim who is clearly an enormous douche, but that was a pretty snarky first comment HHNF.

            • HellHathNoFury

              Seems I’m going to have to get out the hand puppets, here. See the question mark at the end of my first comment? Right there? In place of an exclamation mark. As in, ‘and what do you think everyone un-American should have had’?
              It wasn’t a hate crime, bro.

            • ROFLCentral.com

              Everything will be ok folks, don’t worry, I’m from the internets.

              Nice psychologist-encouraged hand puppets reference. Best use of it I’ve seen in a while. Well, at least the most appropriate use, lol.

  • joe

    good way to start a week

  • SwanDiver

    A handful of these women don’t have lower back problems. Normal-sized at best.
    Still worth looking at 😀

    Happy 4th of July.

    • sadly

      … the rest is silicon based 😦

  • http://powersticks.wordpress.com powersticks

    #16 For The FUCKING Win!

    • http://powersticks.wordpress.com powersticks

      For some reason the picture order has been changed so the redhead in #14 and on the right side of #1 FTFW.

      • Captain Doug

        I may be incorrect, but I’m 95% sure 14 is Karen Gillan, who is super Scottish, and currently plays Amy Pond on Doctor Who.

        I never thought anyone could make me forget about Billie Piper.

        • forge

          No, all pretty redheads are not Karen Gillan. That woman in #14 has decidedly more chest, for one thing, and more freckles as well. Gillan is in fact a pretty redhead with green eyes, but there the similarities end.

  • chris

    Who is #7? Must know!

    • forge

      Miranda Kerr, silly.

      • chris

        The Chive switched them, she’s now #6.

    • Anonymous

      #7 is miranda Kerr — she shouldn’t be on this list. Hot; *yes*; boobs? *no*.

      • forge

        Well, she has boobs; they are in fact the most adorable little boobs in the universe, but lower back problems, I seriously doubt it, she’s just barely a B cup.

  • infamous 9

    I Concur…….Win, Win, Win

  • King Louis XIV

    Servant… # 7 , # 12 and # 26.. Wash them and bring them to me… and bring me a package of Viagra, 20 gramm of cocaine and 3 bottles of champagne.. I don’t want any interruptions in the next 3 days… ah… It’s good to King !

    • DaddyD

      Seems #25 has been removed. Or maybe this is why you lost your kingdom?

  • Jimmy

    That’s all well and good but what I want to know is do they have great big personalities?

  • Anonymous

    whos #2?

  • Anonymous

    who…is…#14?! anyone!?

    • redhead lover

      she is beyond perfect

  • Master Pain

    who is number #16? i must know…..ive never scrolled back up to look at the ladies as much as i did for her..she is my perfect woman…if only she played counter strike at made me pizza’s

    • Master Pain

      I ment #14……16 is good but complete opposite of what i want. hehe yes bring me #14…

  • SCREWamerica

    LOL happy 4th of July here a bunch of pics showing foreign women

    • usa rules

      they arent all foreign asshole

  • forge

    #14 I will take up my sword and smash my way across this continent and create a new nation for you and you will be my queen and you will have a vast armada of servants to wait on you for your every need and I will build you a castle the size of Los Angeles with my bare hands and I will sleep at your feet and take care of every last need your gorgeous person desires.

  • AdmiralJamesTAckbar

    I get butterflies in my stomach when I look at #11 & 12…

    *lies down before he falls down*

    • adamwanderer

      I resemble that…

  • BoogerEater

    #18 and #20 ruin everything!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Fort. Een. Beautiful.

  • John

    Is #14 Christina Hendricks? Either way – tops on my list!

    • forge

      No, disturbingly enough this woman is actually prettier than Hendricks, which yes, I admit is ***REALLY*** saying something.

  • Insert Name Here

    WHO IS 2!!!

  • Bob The Fish

    who cares? Shes Asian.

  • Spanky Mobster

    #14 – MOAR!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ll take the face and hair on 14, and the damn near illegal hips on 6.

  • ChrisDG74

    I would stand up and salute, but I my shorts already appear to be at attention.

    • TiminPhx

      Attention, as in the shit stains in the back of your shorts being so thick now, they stick out?

      • ROFLCentral.com

        Speaking from experience?

      • Chrisdg74

        Just beacuse your shorts stand up on their own due to not being washed since Clinton was President, do not assume mine are the same. Unlike yourself, I wipe my ass(well, actually, I call your mother up and have her do it).

  • Merovingian

    2, that is all


    i would sell my soul for #14 if i didnt already trade it in for half a sandwich

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