Happy belated 4th of July: lower back problem edition (29 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Er… I’m not an American, but a lot of these girls appear not to be American, and I know some aren’t. Aren’t you meant to be celebrating ‘Americanness’ today?

    • BO

      Not an American? That’s ok we’ll take care of you. How’s about some free housing and health care? Don’t worry, them white boys with jobs will pay for it. Suckaaas!

      • Anonymous

        Right, i was making comment that not all the girls were from the USA, and that I thought Americans liked to celebrated stuff from their own country, not Austrailian, Brazilan and Portuguese girl, nice as they are.

        As for the comments about healthcare and housing, odd as other counties give out free crap aswell, and more of it, paid for by others

        • dr. randy saggynuts

          my friend, there is nothing more american than a huge rack, regardless of the ethnicity.

  • Anonymous

    who is #6

  • Libertariandude

    #6 & #14, MOAR, pleeeease.

  • justin

    who is #6?

  • Aquaphile

    I like the idea of standing in a swimming pool in the warm sun, drinking an alcoholic beverage, while a parade of bitches passes before my bloodshot, watery eyes.

  • macrda

    Please…..who is #13??

    • Joey

      #13 = Google Images Davin Lexin.

  • eddy

    oh the nasty things i would do to #24, MOAR please

    • You're Welcome

      She’s LoveGiselle. She’s a solo girl.

  • Mike

    #24, the hobag/beach bum/pornstar… I think I need a glass of milk.

  • top dog

    Still no ass shots, nothing against big fake ass tits but, that steak would go a whole lot better with a sauce on it. In other words, get some booty shots next time. DAMN!!!! Oh and aww, Happy Independance Day Assholes!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    That one looks pretty good with balls on her boobs…haha!

    • ROFLCentral.com

      Is that you in your picture? How’d you get that skin tone? No matter what I do I can’t get that smooth look and high contrast.

  • markkens

    #19 for every visual >boing< in the book…a little side, a little under, spraytan, booty-ful abs—GOOOAL!!!

  • HellRazer

    I think #20 might be a high-end sexbot.

  • AC

    “Happy Belated 4th of July Back Problem Edition – 29 photos”


  • daniel

    who’s no. 15?

  • aleXTC

    Thanks chive you made my morning. I like 2,11, and 16. But 21 is perhaps the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in a while.

  • Rainwulf

    I know who #14 is. She is amazing.
    Who wants to know her name?

    • Nicole


      are you kidding? If you actually do know my sister, you would know she would not appreciate you giving out her information

    • juggernaut

      Yes please!

    • redhead lover

      please i must know

  • Shereef78

    6, 14, 17 & 24 .. That’s all !!

  • crazybasketballguy

    13 and 19 are pretty spectacular…

  • Nicole

    Uhhhh… 14 and 15 are my of my younger sister……..

  • WishinWell

    Whoah! #14 owns me

  • MichaelGS

    any one else sense a touch of irony in celebrating a day of independence from british rule but posting photos of at least one english model? no? must be just me then

  • redhead lover

    14 is my dream woman. you need to find her and do a whole pictorial!!

    • scarlet o'haira

      i wish i knew her name too

  • redhead lover

    #7 is Miranda Kerr

  • charlie

    #11, #12, #21, #22
    find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Always Last


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