Drop dead gorgeous brought to you by Michael Tarasov (47 photos)

Check out more of Michael Tarasov’s work at his website, michaeltarasov.com

  • pres obama

    I dig foreign chicks!

  • garp

    …magnifico, magnifico, amo le belle donne

  • stafferty

    I don’t know art but I know what I like.

    (This guy actually has talent, yes the models are hot, but a he does a really good job too. I know the internet is not known as a place for genuine compliments but he deserves them)

  • thetech2

    do the words perfectly proportioned and fourty three ever belong together

  • hoyune

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    • fuzzybeard2016

      Yeah? Maybe you want to talk to the guy in the “Will It Blend?” videos and volunteer as a test subject?

      Give me $50 on the blender.

  • LOL

    Oh my God. The girls themselves are magnificent but the artistic point of view this artist has…holy crap. I hate having my picture taken but I would do whatever the hell this man told me to do just to have one shot like these.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    My god! These are so beautiful. I could only dream that I would look that amazing while prego.

    • Your Local Priest

      You need help with that? Join me in the cloisters…

  • yep

    I’ve seen his work before, still got it ( with hot chicks you’ll always get it 😉 )

  • Anonymous

    They’re all smokin’ hot, but #15 is about as close as you’ll ever get to perfection

  • mj

    I love his work so far. In every picture each woman seems like the most beautiful woman in the world. That’s how you know you’re good. And he doesn’t have a bad job, damn.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be number 11.

  • top dog

    Drop dead gorgeous, shit, where? I see some good photography, but thats where it stops. Gorgeous women are damn near perfect, I see too many off set eyes, too many facial marks. These girls look like they are auditioning for a mail order bride catalog. They are pretty, yes, gorgeous? not even close.

    • wumbo

      You sir are a complete jackass… I’m sure you live a very bland and boring life because instead of actually being able to appreciate things for what they’re worth, you sit back critiguing every lil thing you can.. OoOoO thats right I must have forgot, your perfect… right?

    • forge

      Oh STFU dude, nobody wants to hear your bullsh*t.

    • http://tugera.deviantart.com Tugera

      Imperfections are hot.

  • andipoo magoo

    #1 looks like the daughter from 28 Weeks Later. Is she?

  • Anonymous

    Fav, portraits is #11

    • Anonymous

      admin, the link to his site is broken

  • Anonymous

    the third picture is down right hypnotic, as well as many others

  • isawoj

    #13 looks like she is hiding some big ol’ boobies. Name?

  • aosux

    His portfolio looks to be stacked!

  • forge

    #21 is absolutely epic. They’re all beyond gorgeous and the posing, lighting and composition are amazing but 21, holy fricking wow.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I would sell my soul to look like #30.

    • Sage

      I would sell yours and my soul to be with any of these girls.

      • moe

        I would sell both of your soul's to bang her!

  • adamwanderer

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful women.

    Not to paint too broad a brush, but unfortunately my experiences with women like this was…not so great. Many seemed accustomed to most things being done for them, lacked depth and were fairly obsessed with their appearance. Granted this is only based on my experiences, YMMV.

  • kp

    Lucky bastard!!!

  • kitkat63376

    He is an absolutely stunning photographer. I wonder what he charges per shoot? I want to go see him…beautiful models, and they didn’t need much makeup.

  • Anonymous

    Photo Makes a desire OR desire makes a photo

  • Danny

    #14 for the win!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carnage

    Most of these are quality photographs indeed. However, be it camera angles, shadows, shopping, whatever…..#30 is outrageously attractive.

    In terms of the overall picture, I really like #17. Hard to tell how hot the girl is, but I like the angle.

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