It’s Tuesday, you could use some motivation (25 Photos)

  • Greg

    In regards to the first one, i'd probably hire The Mac. He's young, probably fresh out of college and probably no family, so you can get him for less money, get him to work more hours, and he's probably way more up on current technology and trends.

    Ask any mid-level corporate employee what its like competing for entry level jobs with youngsters, and you'll here the same thing.

    • Juan

      Ha, that’s funny, I had the exact same thought process as you did on #1

    • URDumb

      Maybe if that mid-level corporate employee knew the difference between “here” and “hear” they would be hired.

    • mac dreidel

      I’m going with Greg on this one, despite his unfortunate grammar. Not because it’s a Mac or PC question, but because the chump on the left looks like every other ass kissing ‘yes man’ in a cheap suit that my company hires. All of the young, brilliant engineers that make serious money look like the guy on the right, Brandon St. Randy. So you better shut your mouth or I’m gonna fuck it.

      • evad

        apparently, anyone who vote for mac guy get thumb down,haha…
        i'll hire mac guy too. cheap+fresh idea = profit

        nothing to do with mac/PC.

    • hMMMM

      Sad thing is…retards like you eventually become mid-level corporate employees. I mean, here vs. hear??? That's not even CLOSE to being a typo – you're just a straight idiot.

  • Bud Ugly

    #24… I see a whole bunch of Lego-folks boning and blowing each other. What is it that I'm not seeing?

    • Lenny Leonard

      I think it’s the pun that you’re not seeing.

      • my childhood....

        dead center is some gay lego porn happening…

        but yes the pun was missed as well.

        • duder

          Also its slave girl Leia with different hair

  • forge

    That womanchild is not thirteen; the brownfat has already left her hips, arms and belly, she's probably between 17 and 21.

    • baffled

      brownfat? wtf is that?

  • LOL

    Monday on a Tuesday…works for me!

    • alicia

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      • Pedobear

        If it’s so wrong, why are kids so sexy?

  • NOUU

    19 makes me horny, i bet he is jamming it in her booty.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #13 … I can hear the suction sound as she tries to get up.
    #19….. looks like Lindsey lohan
    #23…… fine I looked, but its better than looking at the Lady boy!

    • Trent

      No way in hell the girl in #23 is 13. She's at least 16 if not older.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Sorry but the meth one made me LOL.

  • Gaetano

    shut up Greg you mac loving piece of shit. jk your right i just hate mac

  • MPMoore

    Good stuff.
    #8, 15, 16 and 19 are classic.

  • Spiderpig615

    I do not approve gay lego porn.

  • Boy

    #23 It’s okay because I’m 14 years old.

  • bobg4400

    congrats for spiderpig for noticing and
    is #23 really 13 years old and
    i lolled for 10 mins at #3

  • Mattythegooch

    Sooooo, I’m a pedorass!! 13 may be on the low end of “teenage years”, butt, I’m not out fucking Ladyboys!!

  • ozzie

    i’ll still put it in her 13 year old ass…that is all.

  • Sean

    @_@ at #23. I’m 15 so it dun mattterrrr

    • jeremykyle

      Ever heard of a thing called statutory?

      • Subby

        Actually, it depends on where you live. In certain places as long as the two persons involved are within two years of one another and are under eighteen, it's completely legal.

  • Anonymous


    Sooooo, what is a normal price for sex when you’re NOT on meth? $20, maybe?

  • LiaMMV

    With regards to #23 – sexual attraction experienced by an adult toward a person between the age of around 11-17 is called hebephilia, not pedophilia. That’s totally OK.

    • Hebawha...?

      Your comments combined with that unfortunate photograph of yours really scare me sometimes.

  • aosux

    After all those I still think the gravity pic was the funniest. The meth pic was pretty close though.

  • http://Assinthesandandtoesintheocean. chrisDG74

    I totally LOL’ed at the Bieber.

  • Darksoul

    #23 Will get hit and left for dead.

  • Dewey

    #22 looks like he needs a balloon and a hug.

  • doo dah doo doo

    i like forge’s thinking. and unfortunately, darksoul’s too. : P

  • P-90

    #23 She’s 13? dayum.

    • WABA

      All that fucking Estrogen in the plastic!! Thats what made little girls so hot!!


    Best motivation yet…please me with some MOAR!!!!!!

  • guest???

    i lol’d at the highlander, “there can be only one!”

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