It’s Tuesday, you could use some motivation (25 Photos)

  • metalwest

    bull fucking shit she is not 13… i demand nude pics as proof.

  • metalwest

    no way she's 13. no freaking way. no no.. shit……

  • CTRL Z

    Anybody know what anime #4 is???

  • Bacon

    #23 – You aren't a pedophile if you don't know that the person in question isn't of age.

  • bob plant

    I'd like to smash the mac wuss in the face with a Shillelagh.

  • bryce

    #23 im happy im underage

  • mikeraw

    Pedophilia is when you're sexually attracted to someone too young to have developed sexually. That chick is ready to go. Age of consent laws are just some random number thrown in the law books.

    • thejim

      More correct term would be ephebophile. If there's gas on the field, then play ball.

  • Always Last


  • John

    #22 is the photo of a police officer mourning the loss of a friend and a partner. All Chive humor aside this one is pretty tasteless.

  • Frizzmmm

    #10 "We're going to need another Timmy"

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