Mistake… big mistake (6 Photos)

So I guess this is Spice girl Geri Halliwell on vacation in St. Tropez with her boyfriend, Henry Beckwith. We'll let the photos tell the story from here. Oh, one tip - the other guy pictured is just some random dude who came over to make sure everything was ok after Geri soiled herself with rage.

  • bob


    • Leonardo

      You scuttering amadan

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Girls are bitches sometimes

  • Tyrone

    Some women have no sense of humor. Seriously, if she’s that insecure when he looks at other women, then she should just dump him….he probable isn’t that “in” to you.

    • sock puppet

      “Sorry, babe. It’s not me. It’s you.”

      • CunningLinguist

        someone had to say it. ~high fives sock puppet~

  • Anonymous

    I bet he was looking at the sweet black car.

    • fourTWOzero

      LOL!! Yes that totally would have been my excuse….

    • Mike

      That would totally of worked for me. I have trained my GF that I look at all manner of cars. That by the way is a Dodge Viper, so she would have bought it. Either way, that chics a bitch.

  • Mattythegooch

    I’ve soiled myself, never with rage. Ahhhh, the Spice Girls, how I miss the 90’s.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    He’s a guy dammit…. Its like looking at a Lambo. Sure the newer model looks good, and he may want to take it for a test ride, but unless you can afford the payments, your just looking!

    • Lenny Leonard

      You spelled “Dodge Viper” wrong.

  • schango

    She’s 37 years and can’t hold her bladder, no wonder he is checking out other women.

    • pffft

      Question. when did she soil herself. im not seeing it, hah.

  • Anonymous

    So a pretty young thing with a tight body and tighter shorts goes walking by and you expect him to not look? You’re clearly not comfortable enough to show YOUR body anymore, covered up in a rattlesnake’s leavings. That really makes me wanna zigga zig ah.

    • spook01

      dude I love your photo! lol its so scandalous..

      • jaredallas

        I know, right? What with all that…. no I can’t think of a single thing to make sense of the comment, but I’ll take it. “Scandalicious” would be more apt, though.

    • Penelope

      He wanted to be her lover, and he tried to get with her friends….but, she didn't have any? Because she kept accusing them of being too hot…..yeah

  • ozzie

    damn she was so fine too in the 90s…the only hot one left is that sporty spice whatever her name is. i’d still put it in her butt in front of my wife’s divorce lawyer

  • http://skainviatofane.wordpress.com skainviatofane

    he is obviously looking at the car

  • julietromeobravo

    sweet car… love the matt black paint job

  • stafferty

    Who care where a guy gets his “appetitie” as long as he comes home for dinner (I am talking about sex)

  • Joe Clyde

    AHHHHHH. He made the cardinal mistake. Never turn your head. You need to have your shades on, and glance.

    • garp

      …which is exactly why when I am at the beach with my missus I always wear my Gentex fighter pilot helmet with the mirror coat visor in the lock down position

  • Rolis

    get a life, so he looked, if you think your man does not look then you have to be in denial, and if he is not looking than i can guarantee your sex life is non existent, or if it is you aint the one hes boning 😮 cheers mate

  • boner

    The guy is a noob for such an extended look.. a small glance is usually ok right? The girl is a bitch for being so insecure, guess what honey there are hotter women out there than you, and he has a penis and wants to have sex with them, get with the program.

  • aosux

    He is obviuosly new at this and clearly not a pro. She should get over herself though.

  • cat21


  • Smeagol

    He should have said with a straight face “I thought I knew her.” Think on your feet, man!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’d just say, ‘if you don’t like the home cooking, don’t come home and don’t expect to eat’.
    Hell hath no fury like a washed-up pop star….she has nice legs, though

    • northerner

      She needs to get a grip. My wife knows that I appreciate beauty. I have told her that if she sees me NOT noticing a pretty woman, it’s over. I’m toast. Time for me to drink the hemlock. Time for her to take me to the vet for the last time. No, I don’t swoon, leer, drool, make rude comments but I do discreetly pay attention. There’s a right way to look. And a stupid way. Geri still looks good. Don’t see any “sag and bag” on her. Nice figure, and yes, HHNF, she has nice legs. He’s got good taste in women. She should be glad he knows beauty when he sees it. He should learn discreet looking. That’s only gentlemanly behavior. My two cents.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Exactly. My point was that he may have well been ass-slapping and cat-calling, the way he was looking at her. and if the man you are with is disrespectful enough to full-on gape while out in public with you, he’s probably not faithful. Checking out other chicks together, now that’s what a real couple is about!

        • northerner

          Yep, as I was pointing out, in other words, “checking out the scenery”, is a “gentleman’s” art. Done with finesse and discretion. When done correctly, it is most satisfying. It is NOT to be done as a moronic teenager on a hormone trip. That’s the drooling, leering, crude dude style. No. If you are with someone, respect them. If not, certainly, always, respect the one you are looking at.

  • SpongeStar

    Wait, I’m confused. Did she literally soil herself?

    • northerner

      OK, I’m confused, too. I don’t see in the photo where there’s pee running down her legs. Or “soiled” as in crapped her bikini bottoms. Someone clue us in?

  • sammmmy99

    He can look at the menu all he wants…as long as he eats at home.

  • norm

    He should’ve told her what he wanted, what he really really wanted.

  • ken

    I’m not sure why an adult would expect a lover to stop looking at interesting or attractive things going on around them? It is unrealistic and immature.

    She looks plenty old enough to have realized that love ain’t about possession or control.

  • greg

    who cares?

  • SCF

    Insecure much?

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