Mistake… big mistake (6 Photos)

So I guess this is Spice girl Geri Halliwell on vacation in St. Tropez with her boyfriend, Henry Beckwith. We'll let the photos tell the story from here. Oh, one tip - the other guy pictured is just some random dude who came over to make sure everything was ok after Geri soiled herself with rage.

  • Paty

    I think the big mistake is her clothes o.O

  • Dyra

    Contrary to the popular opinion men do have control over their lust. Futhermore, a grand show of obvious lusting doesn’t exactly make me swoon over his “manliness”. He’s acting like a 14yrs old with holes in his pockets.

    However, it looks like their a match made in heaven as it’s also extremely rude to throw a fit of rage over something she should have discussed with him in private.

    Awww young love, such passion.

  • kit

    How is someone a bitch for being insecure? everyone gets insecure! but I agree reacting like that was too much/bitchy, but it was also a bit rude to stare at a woman like that – esp being with your girlfriend (looked like he was almost drooling and following her every movement – fine for a glance, people look at people all the time, it’s always rude/disrespectful (not to mention makes women uncomfortable most of the time) to just to STARE with or without a girlfriend there) creepy.

    I don’t care if my boyfriend looks at other women. wait i don’t have one nor do I dont want, whos the hottie that he looked at? [;

  • fefeeff

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  • Anonymous

    wouldn’t be surprised if she looks at other men as much as he looks at other woman… or other cars

  • Anonymous

    we really can’t judge because we don’t know the story of the two – maybe he has cheated on her before and even still, I consider it a little rude for a guy to STARE (much more than just LOOKing) at another woman while he’s holding his girls hand

  • Anonymous

    red head

  • Douche Nozzle

    The only mistake was resetting the comments Chive. First again!


    that bitch needs to calm down…big whoop…

  • [clevernamehere]

    That is too obvious of a look for him to be checking out some average chick. NO ONE turns all the way around mid-stride. He HAD TO have been looking at the car. My guess is the fight was about money. Either lack thereof, of how much each one spends.

  • Puddin

    It is a bit disrespectful, but nothing wrong with looking at the menu, just don't order. And if she doesn't like it MOVE AROUND! She's a has been so she might keep what she can get. The dude helping her out might suffice.

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