The Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel: where dreams go to die (21 photos)

Opened in 1955 and it's owned now by Dennis Hof, the Moonlite BunnyRanch is a legal brothel in Mound House, Nevada and is one of the most famous brothels in the USA.
Its address is 69 Moonlight Road and even its telephone number ends in 3825, which spells out F-U-*-K on a telephone pad.
Girls earn about $5,000 - $7,500 per month "working" 12-14 hours a day.


  • LOL

    By the way, I went to their web site. The FAQ sheets says they have lactating bunnies for any of y'all that are into that. 😛 {face palm}

    And all the women I see on the web site are DEFINITELY a cut above the women I see in this gallery. Go figure! 😛

    • LifeOnAString

      They are the same women, just not photoshopped here.

  • crazy2

    All woman are working and not on Welfare…..

  • Anonymous


  • urdad

    I wanna have sexy time with the hoe in red in #7

    • LifeOnAString

      She is an artist, and is fairly smart, though she still has issues. She did a DVD video that was pretty funny.

      • LifeOnAString

        She is also the one in pic #18. Shelly. Does not work there anymore to my knowledge. College grad.

  • Borat

    very nice ! how much ?

  • Drizzt

    Thanks for the pics. Now I know better then to go there and waste my money. These chicks are fugly!!

  • Frank

    A life style to be deeply regretted in a very short time. No amount of money can get self-respect back nor provide a clear conscience at the end of the day. To think that these women are someone's mommy or daughter. Sad what our world has purchased women to become.

  • murn

    nobody cares about your knockoff goods. but, as in everything, there is a silver lining – you could kill yourself.

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  • Bobo

    Until you've been there …don't diss the place…was there recently and the woman are very least 90% of them

  • Anonymous

    Duck u

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  • Carlos

    I enjoy watching this beautiful woman I will be coming up there real soon…..

  • Anonymous

    dennis keep on smiling and smokin them cigars and making that money i wish i could be in ur shoes for 1 day

  • tomm

    not even with 3 condoms

  • Danny Frigo

    All I can say is that I'm a gay male and I give him a high-five. All you jealous bastards that can't believe what is going on nor that your thinking that these girls are nasty need to check your self at the door. Point blank your just jealous that some guy of Dennis statue can main tame an establishment and be the center of attention with all of his girls. You need to get over your dumb ass and move and in fact keep your thoughts and option to your self cause it just shows how much of an ass you are and how much you envy someone being able to be so successful. Dennis I again have to give you a high-five and my hat off to you .. Job well done . Let me know if you ever want to expand your bunny ranch and open a male bunny ranch cause trust me theirs a whole a lot of horny ass rich old men… Peace Danny

  • mike j

    i cnt wait to eat some of these girls out

  • avg girl next door

    I think they are sexy and beautiful….. a bit overpriced maybe but hey, i would charge more for my peace of mind, trying to justify the shame that they shouldnt have anyway. Double standard for women is bs and females making an honest living is commendable. You go girls!

  • Evan

    That would be a hard job…literally.

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