• garp

    …that turtle’s a slut, you can tell by the forlong sultry look in her eyes

  • aosux

    That was a waste of time

  • Rob

    I think that was a Tor-gasm….

    Turtles seem to be horny little critters.

  • Superfresh

    lol, the intro was cool too

  • HellHathNoFury

    What that video needs for epicness is the picture of Jean-luc Picard getting his head scratched by a toothbrush.

  • stafferty

    My god! They are starting their training to become ninjas!

    • Brandon

      By making it dance by brushing it’s shell? Uhh, wut?

  • ratard mendenhall

    thanks for the worst video post ever…. on any site…… ever…… in the history of the internet……. ever

    • Joeyk

      Not one for exaggerating are you..?

    • not how it works

      That is not how “thank you” works – you don’t get to thank yourself for stuff, even when you are sarcastically mocking yourself.

  • kma

    brushie, brushie

  • stupid tits

    I still like turtles

  • qewfqwfweqrfqewefr

    That’s fucking awesome! 😀

  • Douche Nozzle

    Firsty McFirsterson!

    • amanda

      I hope you're John or Leo. Then it would be funny.

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