What these families spend on groceries every week (8 Photos)

  • DONdon

    this list is probably 3 years old…but it’s cool that chive brought it back …

    one other problem we all might wanna take in consideration is the fact that first six families probably eat out on a weekly basis while the last three one don’t …so the money they spend is even higher

  • Gluten

    What I noticed from these is that apart from the american family and the Chad one (The latter I guess for obvious reasons), they all have a resonable percentage of their grocery being fruits and vegetables. I appears to me that the americans tend to buy (and eat) more processed food that the rest. Could this be out of laziness when it comes to cooking? Or perhaps a lack of interest, or even that culinary knowledge is slowly lost in time because family no longer take the time to pass this knowledge to their children? I dont know.

  • Stafferty

    I live in a family of 4 in America and don’t spend $340 a week on food, we could go a month on that much. This is how you eat cheap:

    1 can potatos, $1.50
    2 lbs of chicken breast, $6-$8
    1 bottle ittalian dressing $2-$3 (If on sale)
    bake in a lass dish

    Total cost is about $8-$10 for a meal for 4 people, and thats no counting cheaper meals like breakfast. Spending $1400 a month on groceries is outrageous.

    • Equalizer

      I was surprise, you forgot to mention alcohol as part of your groceries…

    • ballsac

      that sounds like it would taste like booty, son!!!!!

      The easiest way save $$ is to step away from the easy to cook shit and get a little adventurous!! Some short ribs, pork shoulder, skirt and hanger steaks, etc….match that with whatever veg is in season(cheaper, fresher) some spice and maybe a starch and there you go…..you can have a whole BBQ of healthy food for less than 3 or 4 bucks per person*

      *not including beer, which is mandatory. You cooked so someone else can buy that.

  • penguin

    I live in Germany and I am a little bit suprised about the ranking.

    1. I dont spend $500 per week! on food. Maybe $150. (two persons)
    And I am pretty sure, that there are no normal families – with four persons -, that spend that much. If we would spent that much, we would look like americans
    (-> Sorry for that!) ;-).

    2. 30 bottles beer and 4 bottles of wine… come on guys….
    as far as u know, we ‘re drinking a lot of beer and wine, but that’s definitly a little bit too much

    Someone asked about the taxes:
    Normally on food taxes are 7% (up to 19%… depends on the product)

    4. sorry for bad english 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean, unhealthy? I see a 12 pack of Diet Coke in the background…

  • USA!!!

    Everyone talking crap about the American family, but no one bothered to notice that is the only family with two big teenagers. SO of course their food would/should a lil more than others. I do see the point made about too much junk food, but why is it that everyone blames everyone else for being fat. If sumone is fat, that is their fault an no one else.

  • Anonymous

    I spend about $70 a week as a college student, but that doesn’t include alcohol.

  • aosux

    I could believe the first few being accurate per month but not per week.

  • Anonymous

    The Ecuador picture depicts a very marginal family. Most Ecuadorians have a standard of living more or less like the Mexican family. Of course, there are also millionaires and very, very poor people.

  • Libertariandude

    The Ecuadorian family is obviously a very marginal one. Most Ecuadorians have a standard of living more or less like the Mexican family here.

  • FailRater

    Moral of the story… Poor families need to stop having so many kids… that is all.

    • ballsac

      Agreed! My half assed family(GF and a dog) spends very little on groceries and going out, and we ear very well……throw 5 kids in the mix and we would be eating the dog!!! If u want to have kids that’s super duper, but if you cant afford to raise them than stop firing out babies!!!

      Oh wait this the good ole’ USA!! Responsible people who have a few bucks will bail your asses out!!

      • Greg

        Oh come on… Do you realise that the less access you have to education, the more children you will have? Most of poor people in third world countries won’t go to school, or not for long, and won’t get enough sex ed to know how to correctly avoid having baby. Besides they don’t have easy access to oral contraception. And, what would you do without TV or Internet, and any form of cheap entertainment, but having all the sex you can?? Give them free TV, compulsory sex ed, and free pills, and condom, and they’ll have less babies.

  • doo dah doo doo

    lol @ basically no veggies for the americans. looks like my haul would.

  • George

    It looks like some of you juste need to stop being such an assholes.

  • Brah

    Man, it has become so popular to criticize American whenever possible, lately. The American family’s food actually isn’t bad if you cross out the fast food (which I’m guessing they each in a month, not a week). Other than that I see milk, meat, fruit, veggies, juice, and even applesauce. Plus the kids are fit, leading me to believe they participate in sports. It’s not so bad, for Christ’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    WTF be thankful for what you have??? one family spends 500 another spends a 1… I guess we should all be thankful that we are fat and overweight and that our economy allows us to engorge ourselves with food that we don’t need… The Chive should stay out of world messages, and keep going with the randomness and scantily clad females. I meean look at thos mexicans. they have 7 liters of coca cola behind them. They drink seven liters a week???? FUCKING SERIOUSLY???? That mexican coke will kill you too. the acidity in that shit can clean your bathtub!

  • USA American

    I won’t speak to whatever the post is supposed to prove/disprove..

    After reading all the comments tho, I will just say I’m very glad to be USA American..

  • Zenra

    Actually, should just avoid soda. 6 oz = 1/6 carb intake for 2000cal diet. The Caseles family look to have the chubbiest kids. Probably due to the soda.

  • John G

    is it me? or do the poorer families have more mouths to feed? birth control can play an important part in global wealth.

  • Guy

    I’m glad to see that the niggers are the ones starving.

  • fefeef

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  • Dean

    I spent 14k in 2009 on food and drink, back when bis was good, I was 20 then, That was for the girlfriend and myself… now I spend maybe 300 a month

  • kitkat63376

    Okay, first of all, I myself spend $225. a month on groceries. This seems like alot for one person, but I am eating healthy meals and 2 snacks a day. In the US we pay more for eating healthy than if eating junk food all day! I think America should impose a “fat tax” on unhealthy and processed food. Anything like twinkies, sugary soda, candy, ice cream…all should be more expensive than healthy foods (veggies, organics, whole grains, fruits, etc.) It really sticks in my craw that I have to spend more money to eat healthy than all these fat Americans. We are, after all, the FATTEST nation in the world! What say you?

  • Anonymous

    It would be easy to make some trite comment along the lines of, I am going to chad for my food shopping.however the reality is that the peasants in third world countries grow most of their food or go hungry.It is a completely different way of life .An average american or german salary for a year is more than most if not all third world people will see in their entire life.On a lighter note, USA may have some problems with obesity,but when they have lots of great tasting food it would be stupid not to eat it.

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