What these families spend on groceries every week (8 Photos)

  • Tigging

    Being an American I can look at the Revis family and see a huge amount of junk food in their food consumption that tends to lead to the many types of health issues that are predominate in Americans and predominate to African Americans such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and more. For my family of three we spend roughly %30 of what they spend they spend and its allot healthier to prevent the above health issues that plague our country.

  • zerocool


  • red daisy

    Wow. That really puts things in perspective. The picture of the American family – almost everything in there is packaged processed food. Almost everyone else, save all the soda, everything is mostly fresh.

    • Flicka

      Yea… I noticed cost went down while the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables went up the further we scrolled down. And then we got to Chad…

    • ackdog

      Makes me want some rice…

  • rex

    there was originally a japanese family in those pictures

  • Liberal Arts Major

    OMG! Chad is soooo cool!
    They have a low carbon footprint and are all vegan!
    Why can't the rest of us be JUST LIKE Chad?
    They are so enlightened.

  • JeffWeimer

    Hmm, the German's food was pretty much all packaged, too. And in the bottom left was plenty of alcohol. It just looked better packaged. Of course, cutting those pizzas out would have saved the Americans about $20.00.

    My American family of 6 eats very well, thank you, on about half of what the American family above spends. And I live close to them (5 miles north of North Carolina in Virginia).

    • YUP

      related to Matt Weimer by any chance? I went to Hickory HS.

  • mirou

    hank you, sometimes we need some shoking photos to realise he chance we have, thanks God

  • latinchiever

    While I Was looking at the pictures, i thought, Wow they should come to my country, and then BANG ECUADOR!! Obviously that’s how a poor family eats (almost 71% of the country is poor)

  • augustwest

    google (books) Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. Its where these pictures are from and provides a lot more info/explanation behind the cultural and economic reasons people around the world spend and eat how they do other than "holy shit Americas are spoiled fat asses, look how developing countries are poor."

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  • Curt

    #1 the kid on the right is like "Ingenieure essen viel Essen, haben Sie ein Problem mit dieser Schlampe!"

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