Good old fashioned fun to get you to Friday (27 Photos)

  • Manicotti

    I am inclined to say that the Simpsons would kill the Griffins. Stewie might be a little troublesome, though.

    • joe

      i think maggie is on the wrong side..

  • Chris

    #19 FTW!

  • SaintxXxAsh

    jenga, jenga, jenga

    • gunnersaurus

      do you think they are playing drinking jenga and thats why their faces are blurred? lol

      • SaintxXxAsh

        I’ve never played drinking jenga, please elaborate.

  • Ron

    Holy recycled pics Batman!

  • saraheleanor17

    #3 Poor dog 😦

  • rebel

    Death Star has an anus.

    I never realized Star Wars was gay, but now it all makes sense. Think about it: Light sabers. Luke sticking it in the hole to blow the Death Star. Han Solo and his big furry. C3PO’s walk and voice. Ewoks / gerbils. Bend Over Wan Kenobi….

    • verbal kint

      “It’s a small exhaust port, right below the main port”

  • Anonymous

    #6 Expecting Twins?

  • Anonymous

    I think you Chive guys are spending too much time on your other sites now. This is yet another recycled post, or at least half the pics in it. Bob is also outposting you (John and Leo) and I personally don't find his posts as entertaining.

  • CunningLinguist

    im not sure i understand #27. someone explain? cause otherwise its a lame photo. and #8 just sendin’ a big ol’ haaaaaaay from the neighborhood fairy

    • Paßt scho

      It’s just the redundancy of listing all the prices if there’s no discount for goups.

  • DoubleOhSeven

    16 is obviously from episode IV, before Luke blew it up.

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  • skainviatofane

    #12 full of win

  • habsfanx

    I wonder what is the $$$ for 11 riders on ol’ smokey …. Go habs go !!!!!!

  • Jon without the h

    I’m so glad that sign laid out all those prices for me. I couldn’t figure out how much it would have been for my family of three to ride. A dollar per person, times three, oh man…I have a headache now…


    #26 what about Santa’s Little Helper?

  • Beltes

    The best thing about Pic #1 is the ad right above – Church Pews for sale.

    Either there was a reno or a lot of people are showing up next Sunday and standing around, wondering where the heck they’re supposed to kneel…

  • Clint

    Wait…Santa Claus doesn’t exist?

  • Doodle

    anybody else recognize #20 from the Don Hertzfeldt youtube movie rejected?

    “My spoon is too big…”

  • Lindsay

    6 is gross.

  • isawoj

    What I really like about The Chive is that you don’t post the same pictures multiple times.

  • isawoj

    What I really like about The Chive is that you don’t post the same pictures multiple times//

    • okthenjustpickoneforme

      Yeah, repetition sucks.

  • bamajess

    What I really like about The Chive is that you don’t post the same pictures multiple times

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    And repetition sucks too.

  • aosux

    mmmmm, waffles.

  • Nagrom

    #16 Deathstar Cookie FTW.

    #26. I WANT that poster.

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