Good old fashioned fun to get you to Friday (27 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    26 is freakin epic

  • Anonymous

    Do you call 10 a headstache, a forestache, a fawking mustache, a freakstache, a carnalstache? Who in the world would think this renegade stache is somewhere near being cool.

  • Douche Nozzle

    First! hahahaha

    • Jason

      Dude, you have been first on at least three posts today…

  • yesimatwork

    #10 WTF???

  • Bob

    27 is a classic. Only in America!

  • Bdsterne

    I wonder why they left Santa's Little Helper out of #26.

  • misainzig

    Ol Smokey has the right idea!

  • Jason

    Love 27!

  • UrMom

    ive seen 27 multiple times and i still dont get the humor in it

  • kikiklass

    #5 worst case of hemmroids EVER!!

  • smokey

    how much does it cost for 11 people to ride ole smokey

  • jeffroe

    In regards to # 17, I saw a guy at Watkins Glen a few years back who would let himself get burnt red, with a white #8 taped off on his chest to show he was an Earnhardt Jr. fan. Said he did it every year. Moron.

  • @TheDudeFromCali

    dude #26 homer and peter kick is effin epic!

  • bobMarley

    haha i love lookin at this pictures when im high

  • americanpiefker

    the pie @ number 16 looks like the pie in 'american pie' not the death star

  • Lokobo

    What cool parents making #16.

    I'm gonna do that kind of thing for my kids someday.

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