More sports timed for your pleasure (32 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    # 10 Looked like it hurt

  • Garek

    He’s going after the wrong balls in #20 but he DID score 😀

    • 100window

      He didn’t score, Messi didn’t score all tournament and Greece didn’t score in that game.

      • sippinator94

        You are an idiot.

        • lonegrunt81

          I wonder if he got called for hand ball 😉

  • D'oh

    15 still hurts. I don’t care, he made up for all other flops this entire World Cup.

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  • Steve

    #6, why is Howard from the Big Bang Theory at a bullfight?


    #3 DERP!!!

    #5 Oh sweet mama that’s the right club!

    #28 Cue that classical piece from the end of that bridgestone GPS commercial that’s been used a million times to play during romantic kissing scenes.

  • top dog

    Old Phil looks like he is taking one up the nineteenth hole.

  • maynard

    Ape suit…Yeeeaaaahhhh Baby Yeah

    I want to be that guy. That pic should be in the “Who’s Awesome” list!

  • Chevy Chase

    I’m tired of the stupid hand photoshopped pics that keep popping up like #18. Is that supposed to be funny?

    • Occam

      Your being an imbecile doesn’t make it unfunny for those of us who understand that it’s really a guy in a suit, boob.

  • Anonymous

    its a costume chevy relax

  • Nicnac

    #9 ~just chillin’ checking out my nails… you?~

  • joe

    #27 keeps amazing me

  • Douche Nozzle

    It's like Christmas morning in the Douche Nozzle household. First!

  • amanda

    18 is excellent

  • Buffet

    How much for #9? #27 – I'll answer the phone!

  • Cassie

    How the hell did #23 pull that off? I shit bricks just looking at it…..

  • Josh

    26 + 29 Glastonbury Festival?

  • thatperson

    #5 of Phil M is probably the funnies fucking photo I have ever seen. That one just made my week.

  • thatperson

    #5 I feel like should be in the jizz in my pants video. " I just sank that putt and now I………"

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  • Ydec

    I know the person at nr 9 xD

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