My cosplay addiction has been one big photoshopped lie (25 Photos)

For more check out the great Standard Madness.

  • aleXTC

    8 kinda looks like Michael Jackson to me.

    i would still probable sleep with #15. and # 21 i probably would too as long as she is wearing that costume lol.

    • RAYNCB


    • felix43

      I second that

  • Maddog

    WAIT!… You mean only fat, ugly, dorks wear ridiculous Anime costumes outside of their closets?!?! : O

  • Tom

    Should have known most were too good to be true, back to reality where hot girls who love obscure pop culture don’t exist

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Haha at the Asians making their eyes open and the butterfaces making themselves ‘pretty’

  • Jon without the h

    Yeah, I could have gone on for the rest of my life living in that happy lie. Thanks for ruining the taste of cosplay chick for me, Chive.

  • aosux

    Not surprising at all.

  • Jakers

    To bad they are mostly still fugly.


    holy crap!
    No wonder all of them want to be someone else!

  • bowhuntpa


  • greener blues

    I was eating a ham sandwich while looking at this, probably not the best thing to do……

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    Evil nerd trickery

  • gozer


  • floscar

    Wait… I need a second barf bag….All those lies!!!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Ironically, many shopped photos are what the true people would look like if they lost all that excess weight.

  • MasterDebater

    I died a little inside.

  • Equalizer

    Never go online dating

    • Slappy

      That's what I was thinking! Holy crap, the old bait and switch. Imagine one of those warthogs showing up on a date.

  • sfmountainbiker

    She’s a witch! Burn her!!!!

    Seriously though, who’s doing this? Is this regular practice by cosplay people to make themselves look better, or is this some horny guy shopping convention photos to fulfill some fantasy?

    In either case I feel deceived. Someone owes me some recompense. Chive, I’m looking at you. I’ll be expecting a hot asian thread before the weekend.

  • Anonymous

    even photoshop cant make them hotter

  • Savior

    #19 wasn’t that bad to begin with.

    They didn’t make her rack any bigger, and that counts for 98%

  • RubberDogTurds

    i wonder how perfect the decent looking people appear after PS’d

  • Anonymous

    12, 15, 21 were ok. The rest tho. Ugh.
    I’m not surprised tho. Some of those were actually well done… some, not so much.

    Also, the Link + Zelda photo is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea people on the internets could be so deceiving…

  • confused

    Goddamn you photoshop, also should have seen this coming

  • douche Nozzle

    First again Bitches

    • Not again

      And, Which unphotoshopped picture are you?

      • Nicnac

        hahahah win!

  • Desikated

    well thanks chive you made this chick feel ALOT better about herself ❤

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