My cosplay addiction has been one big photoshopped lie (25 Photos)

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  • rachface

    #13, is wow. That is terrible.

    & #15 wtf!

    How can some people be THAT ugly?!?!

  • pissed..

    fat girls that do this shit should be shot.. it the head.. twice.

  • my life is ruined


  • bosco54

    I prefer to believe the hot ones were photoshopped to be ugly just for this post.

  • RiderFan

    The Remilia Scarlet cosplayer looked better before the photoshop.

  • thatperson

    why are there so many dudes dressed as women at these events? Seems really odd. Like the Cosplay is really a cover up for a big gay get together.

  • dufus

    ohh I though you photoshopped them from right to left, to make them fat and ugly. because you had a fat ugly cosplayer fetish

  • Rolis

    i will never trust a picture online again, EVER!!

  • Chenkari

    Remilia, ( 15, ) Looked fine, it was jut a little dark, eh.
    I totally suk at photoshop, so my cosplays aren't perfect, oh well.

    *Nerds out*

  • Michael Stuprich III

    im sure this doesnt happen as often as it seems. i mean most people suck at photo shop lol.

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