Rockstars, they don’t look like they used to (29 Photos)

  • Jonathan

    OMG Steve Perry (20), What happened to your face !?!?

    • Occam

      … he stopped believin’…

    • its_forge

      He was always a dorky-looking creep.

  • 100window

    Who’d have thought it… Rockstars age as well?!!

  • Smeagol

    “I hope I die before I get old.”

  • Mike

    I miss old rockstars…musicians today try sOO hard to be these people. It was just natural for these guys to be completely ridiculous. They had fun while they were doing it, though, which is what I think is different now.

  • Steph

    Meatloaf actually looks better.

    • Jim

      Anything would have been better than '70s Meatloaf, but I totally agree.

  • Lance

    Just a GREAT post! Thanks, Chive!

  • Czar

    This is seriously depressing. I think I would rather not know.

  • Adrianna

    Bob Dylan is still the shit!

  • Sarah

    I don't know who #29 is but she hardly looks any different (or better)

    Where is David Bowie – did I miss him amongst those?

    • Sergio

      It's Courtney Hate (Love) from A@#Hole, who looks exactly the same. Depressed, and worn out.

  • bigdaddydrew

    Kid Rock said it best…….. "God made rock n roll so ugly guys could get laid too"

    • andipoo magoo

      like Kid Rock actually knows anything about rock n roll.

  • Ava

    Tom Petty and Jon Bon Jovi still look great, and Meat Loaf looks a million times better!

  • sir

    james hetfield gained a lot of weight

  • Ben

    Wait, wait, wait, wait… Are you trying to tell me that people look different when you compare a recent photo to one taken 40 years ago?? Preposterous.

    • @#$%!!

      Yeah people age. It's called aging. So people are going to make fun of these guys (not that I'm against making fun of filthy rich celebrities or people in general) and say dumb things about it being cause of drugs and booze that they….what? have wrinkles? Hah.

  • Ronin

    Say what you'd like about the rest of these flesh-bags…the Boss still looks good.

  • Bob

    29/Courtney Love looks like Lady Gaga lol.=/

    • its_forge

      Lady Gaga would like a word. Actually she'd like to kick you in the crotch so hard you fly 10 feet straight up in the air. Courtney Hole is an ugly slutbag; Gaga is at least nice-looking.

  • JKD

    #29 is Courtney Love, I think.

    I didn't see Bowie and I didn't see Keith Richards which surprised me. Keith Richards looks like he's been dead for a while.

  • Metalicass2003

    OH Yeah…..whoever posted this knows the REAL definition of the word ROCK STAR.

    Other pages would have put Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears and such shit…

    Although the guy in 19…man, that guy thinks he plays in the absolute Best fucking band in the world…and thinks he's the absolute, most intense Rock singer/guitar player ever…

  • Metalicass2003

    OH Yeah…..whoever posted this knows the REAL definition of the word ROCK STAR.

    Other posts would have included Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears and so on….

    Praise to you!!!

    Number 19 is the God of them all!

  • Kyle

    They look like anti drug posters… Oh wait… They ARE anti drug posters.

  • Wil

    Well NOBODY "looks like they used to" o.0

  • Dan

    Ben's right. I think this is simply called "aging."

  • Clayton

    Drugs are a hell of a drug!

  • Beldar

    Springsteen is looking pretty badass if you ask me.

  • john g

    Don't do drugs!

  • mom

    Drugs are bad..mmmm-K

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