Rockstars, they don’t look like they used to (29 Photos)

  • Ziggy

    Annie Lennox looks better too. She's not a freak show anymore.

  • Metallichick

    James Hetfield is way more attractive now, in my opinion.

  • OneClownShoe

    I still wanna bang Stevie Nicks.

  • @#$%!!

    Drugs and alcohol MY ASS.

    Hey kids, it's called GETTING OLD.

    Lol. No, alcohol/drugs doesn't help but overall these guys look like they had their pictures taken when they were in their 20s and then in their freakin' 50s or 60s.

  • Rockstar

    I do believe that Ted Nugent is missing from this list

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  • Buffet

    Must be the business they're in? I look exactly the same as I did then!

  • its_forge

    1 – c'mon, Steve never did look all that great anyway
    2 – well, it's Keith, I mean seriously
    3 – Mick, see Steve. The Rolling Stones are in their 70s guys, I mean really now.
    4 – Debbie's not the sex kitten she was but still a doll
    5 – Brett looks better, way better
    6 – Johnny's about the same, he wasn't exactly pretty in '77
    7 – Iggy hasn't changed not one tiny bit, he's still ugly and gorgeous
    8 – I think Ozzy looks better
    9 – Bob is cool, he can look like he wants
    10 – Well, Dave's lookin' pretty frickin' rough yeah
    11 – Ugh, I never thought Rod got to qualify as good looking
    12 – Robert Plant looks like a Kentucky Colonel baybee
    13 – Nobody expects Stevie to still look like she did at 20, she's aged but still nice
    14 – Meatloaf DEFINITELY looks better
    15 – Axl ecch, he looks like an a-hole in both pics
    16 – See above, ecch
    17 – Seventy-four, guys. That's 906 in rockstar years.
    18 – in the 70s Tom Petty looked like a bleached weasel
    19 – Hetfield looks better now, he's still a dick
    20 – Steve from Journey has always and will always look like that guy on the bus who smells like pee
    21 – Sting ain't a kid anymore that's for sure, he's getting that Old Englishman look that makes girls go all jelly in the legs
    22 – Ha, David Crosby? He's always looked pretty frickin' rough
    23 – Bono looks okay, he's still kind of a dick though
    24 – Slash? Meh, if he'd shave and trim his hair he'd look like a restaurant owner from Brooklyn
    25 – Bon Jovi's just genetically blessed. Too bad his music sucks balls.
    26 – Not sure who that is but the "now" pic looks like an accountant from Hoboken
    27 – Uh-uh, Annie's a goddess, she looks frickin' smashing as always
    28 – Bruce definitely looks better
    29 – Courtney Hole? Are you effin' serious? Ugly effing sow, ugly effing sow. Period.

  • geegee

    I still fancy Debbie Harry as much as I did when I 1st became aware of her 30+ years ago!! Pure class……….

  • thatperson

    ozzie is the only one who still has it. He's the man.

  • shirt

    wow its sad when tom petty is the most attractive in a bunch

  • Vanessa

    whatever… I would still do Slash any day. Mmmm…

  • Rodolpho

    Debbie Harry is STILL hot! Tom Petty agin' pretty nice… Metaloaf looks great… Lots of late nights and tough drinkin.

    Damn you, J Bon Jovi!

  • canadianbroad

    Oh thanks so much for ruining what fuzzy memories of the past I have, ya goofs.

    Sigh – Jon still looks awesome!

    Mr. Loaf looks (and probably is) in much better health now, and better all 'round. Stevie Nicks looks great too.

    Ozzy is god.

  • Edo


    Robert Plant's moustache is cool…
    (younger pic)

  • NebraskaGuy

    #18 Tom Petty fan all the way!

  • Pezski

    Am I the only one who still thinks Debbie Harry is pretty damned hot?

    And if I could survive the drugs the Iggy and Keef have I doubt I'd still look so good…

  • Tomas

    Well, I'd say Iggy Pop still looks pretty much the same…

  • john

    agreed! most of the guys have aged pretty well.

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