Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • dddd

    www. frigginrandom (Dot) com has way better pictures and shiznat

    • Alladad

      I wish I had as much time as chive gets off. Because a week off for Christmas wasn’t enough and lionokg at pics all day is such hard work. Get to work you fucking cunts!

  • The RUM-Blog from FM99 » Blog Archive » Oh Lord she was adorable

    […] pic. See the “best photos from the web from last week” all here. This is something that The Chive posts every week, and basically saves you from having to bother looking around the net for funny […]

  • Opus

    #9 when you see it, you'll shit a chandelier.

  • Jake

    28 is a photoshopped justin bieber…

  • knuckledonkey


    HEY! That's Carl from ATHF!

  • Hez26

    talk-to-text stevie……

  • raymond… is a screencap from a satirical onion news video

  • Bear6

    cocaine bear made my day

  • Bear6

    just love the tight look on #49, great cleavage. thank you chive for another half chub at work 🙂

  • Cade

    First one!!!!!! #38 is hilarious as hell!!!

  • Big Bird

    who's the girl on pic 49? Chivers wants to know…..

  • joseph

    took me minute to figure out #15 ….izzz that baaaad!

  • Geee
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