Friday Failures! (25 photos)


    A night to remember, LOL.

  • zym

    Staircase is too awesome to fail.

  • Pres Obama

    #25 must be a stepmom …

    • Midwesterner

      Yeah, not sure how 25 is Fail.

      If I were Dad, I’d call that Win.

      • stefanhartman

        I am A dad and I call that a win

  • Ken

    The spiral staircase in #7 is all win.

    #4 is awful. That poor kid is going to have issues. Post traumatic stress syndrome. Every time she sees a fat keyster, she is going to have flash backs.

    #20 subliminal advertising leading to an unexpected spike in monthly sales among gay men…

  • admiralevident

    #1 Is that where the expression f*ck a duck came from?

    Goose or gander?

    • HellHathNoFury

      what's good for the goose is good for the gander….

      • admiralevident

        fringe with benefits

  • Mattythegooch

    #20…..We all know there is only one "smart product"….Penis.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Man, these fails are so old that’s my mom and I on the penis magazine

    • admiralevident

      Nothing like knowing what you want early in life and following the dream.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        True. I do love me som penis.

        • admiralevident

          I knew there was a reason I liked you.

          • SaintxXxAsh

            You mean it wasn’t for my home-made peanut butter balls and nilmble flexibility?

            • admiralevident

              You weren't supposed to tell anyone I knew about that.

              People will talk….well…type.

  • BongPimper

    #3 , wow the Cubs are sucking bad this year

  • clay

    # 7 looks like it should have been in a Tony Hawk game.

  • Glenn

    The Parents Magazine is a WIN, as it's a fake cover showing what bad element placement can do. Snopes WIN!

  • SG34

    Damn #10 is hottt

  • aosux

    I don't think #10 is a fail. I can see the parts I want to see. Anyone else?

  • Andrei

    16 is no "fail". it's just the death of the (second) "reasonably priced car". in my opinion, the chevrolet had it coming.

    • steohen

      nope it was a fail the front was still visible

  • snowballz89

    Well fuck a duck!

  • Ryan

    Is it weird that I kinda like the ass in #8?

    • Charley

      Thats actually the entire reason I read the comments on this article. Hoping I wasn't the only one.

      • @TheDudeFromCali

        lol same

  • Erik

    16 = Top Gear hahah he cant bury the car

  • The real D. Nozzle
  • Ian


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  • anon chiver

    is anyone else sick of the cock lion?

  • anon chiver

    Is anyone else getting a little sick of the cock lion?

  • dingus

    25 is actually epic win!

  • Viking

    Heh! Number 3 made me cringe. It happened to me playing intermural softball in college, except I caught the foul tip-up which made the batter out and prevented the other team from beating us in the championship game. My gloved hand went up out of reflex to check my face and nose and the softball happened to land in my catcher's mitt. I caught the ball purely by accident. I just remembered seeing my team mate's running in and hollering…I had no idea why, either. I was somewhat dazed. They were celebrating because they thought I caught it on purpose and won the game for us. I finally told them what happened last year after waiting for 25 years. I was too embarrassed to let them know how accidental that catch was. Fortunately I have good friends and they laughed their asses off. We were the band geek fraternity, so all of our wins were pretty epic against the jock social frats. Actually for a bunch of band geeks, we won many games and several championships during the 80's. We were pretty fucking crazy, though and had some brawlers on our teams. Not typical band geek material. We often played tackle football on the Astroturf or grass fields without pads and we also beat the social frats at a few drinking events at Mama's Pizza. Fucking with us was a bad idea, much to the dismay of the socials.

  • Bobert

    I don't get #25. How is a step-mom a fail?

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