Mix-and-match comedy gold (35 Photos)

These and much more at comixed.

  • training dat

    i can't stop lol'ing

  • Bobby Drake

    This was actually one of the funniest galleries ever

  • Jon without the h

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. These had me laughing quite a bit. Thank you!

  • santana

    ajaja que a toda madre esta esta chingadera…….

  • ROFLCentral.com

    I would vote #11 for cream of the crop, hahahaha

  • Glamisbound

    Legit post

  • Libertariandude

    How come something that doesn't even makes the effort at being funny winds up being so mind-boggling funny?? I'm dead serious.

  • Equalizer

    It's very funny, specially taken from other site.

  • Rich

    This is some of the funniest shit I've seen on here….perfect for a Friday!

  • GreenerBlues


  • Ken

    I'll add my kudos as well. This gallery was hysterical. I LOL'd at "Space pants," "68," "Mop Baby, " and the two old Star Trek ones.

  • Bob

    srsly, just go to comixed.com guys.

    no need to compliment the chive for this post.

  • forge

    #4 Julius Carry RIP ::sniffle:: He was a great comic actor maaan.

  • Danny

    Hahahahahaha-funny gallery!!!!!! I laughed at all of them..

  • jsl


  • Alexz

    OMG, that was effin hilarious!

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  • Tessa

    This is one of the best galleries I've ever seen on The Chive. Good job, guys! 😀

  • anna


  • asdasd

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  • Son of Dad

    A strong showing.

  • Sarah

    Bucket fulls of LOLZ

    Thanks again chive.. teeeheehee

  • Brett

    #22 and 26 Make it so!

  • Tim

    Man these were hilarious! Loving #9

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