TheCHIVE’s new comment system is working. Commence idiocy

chive comments TheCHIVEs new comment system is working. Commence idiocy

Chances are if you tried to comment on our site in the last 24 hours, some asshat computer told you that your comment was, ‘awaiting moderation’. Sorry ’bout that. We’ve fixed the glitch and you may now feel free to exercise your opinions freely, with no fear of moderation. Also, somebody get me a beer. It’s 9:30 in the morning over here on the West Coast and I’m parched.

Chive On!

– John

  • Pat

    "First", I would like to say I like the change, please show more boobs, btw…

    • markers

      agree with the second part, to your first point, gfy

      • Bewbees

        Boobs first

  • Pres Obama

    Verry kewl chanjes, I relly lik tha spel chekker.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    I’m still on the fence about this whole new comment system. It hasn’t changed on my iPhone but the website kinda aggrivated me because it didn’t auto expand the replies

    • admiralevident

      A mere moment of confusion and a single click resolved that though. Not a big deal IMO. I am growing to prefer the new system.

    • dajesus

      Agreed. See? The word "agreed" was hardly worth expanding for.

      • admiralevident

        Let me expand upon your reply by pointing out my agreement.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    "Git me a beeeerrrrrr…" Heard in NASCAR parking areas everywhere

  • top dog

    Hey, Its working!!!

  • Equalizer

    Well, it's about time you guys did some work…

  • Chris

    So… what happened to the moderated comments?

    • Chris

      AND, the Facebook Connect STILL doesn't work. Fix it, please.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Muahahaha! Now everyone must suffer through ME!!!!

  • Mattythegooch

    It could be the THC in my brain or the nitrogen bubbles in my blood…..How do I add an avatar?? Ps, i'm a bit ratarded too.

    Suck a dick ACIDCOW!!!

    • j12goose

      Same here…….I know I'm a computer idiot, but could someone please explain how to add my avatar???

      • j12goose

        Well, let's just see if it works now……….

    • Crabbytheguy

      Go to they can hook you up with one.

  • LOL

    And yet the spammers still breathe…damn it! 😛

    Okay…I'm not hating it. Thank you John.

    And since no one else has done it…CHEERS. 😉

  • j12goose

    Test…..Can't figure the gravatar thing out. It says I'm good on the site………..

  • j12goose

    Last try….If it don't work this time, fuck it. I'll send myself to bed with no avatar.

  • showtownman

    If this works, it's aces; if no, I REALLY wanna know why you guys dumped your last posting system. (And don't use the "spam" excuse; the "spam" wasn't that damn pervasive.)

  • Lucys

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  • Anonymous

    had sex for the first time, high 5 the pussy

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