Veronika London: Actress, Model, Chiver (29 Photos)

Veronika London is a 22-year old hottie and a long-time Chiver. She was recently featured in Maxim where she was dubbed, 'The Megan Fox of Hollywood North.' As ya'll know, we feature girls on this site from time to time and a handful of them have gone on to internet fame and fortune. My point? Your opinion matters, Chivers. Veronika does read theCHIVE so play nice (or don't). Do it for your country!

For more sexy photos of Veronika, check out her website.

  • James

    thumb me up for HOT, down for NOT

    • jpj

      im not comfortable with the term "thumb me". just sayin…

  • Cheez-Stick

    Hello 14

  • Mark B.

    I'd tongue-punch her fart box

    • Phil


  • Robert

    Well, she doesn't look stupid, already appears to have more acting talent than Fox, doesn't appear to have toe thumbs, and isn't completely covered with shitty tattoos. I'd say she's already better than Megan Fox!

  • Todd

    #29 = FUGLY!!!

    • erog

      yeah, really. put on a little makeup. i know it wasn't for a magazine photoshoot, but she obviously was going to post the pic.

    • Agreed

      Yep. She needs the Shopped makeup BAD!

  • ACC

    Not bad

  • Jay

    well she has better looking thumbs but thats about it.

  • joeclyde

    Where's da booty meat. She is hot though.

  • uberbrie

    I sorry I don't know what to think…I want to be nice but she looks like one of the Kardasians, and that bothers me…other than that well played…ooo a poll

  • Chris

    Pretty. Too bad a lot of the photos were messed up. Over-exposed or too much light or bad photoshop skills or whatever. She's got great hair, which is always a plus ^^ And whatever she's doing strung up on those cables looks fun.

  • Nateb123

    Gross. Not ugly but so skanky I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

    • park

      I would touch her with an 11 foot pole

    • stan

      I'd touch her with a 7" rod of glory


        After you finish her off with that 7″ rod of glory you picked up at the adult store, she’ll probably let you get yourself off with your 2.5″ rod of shame.

    • jpj

      i'm comfortable with skanky personally.

      • Nateb123

        I'm comfortable without a rash

  • Mike

    #22 – I don't think its going to fit, but you can try.

  • aosux

    Her body is awesome but I don't like her face.

  • HellHathNoFury

    She looks far better without the emo band groupie eye-shadow and the white face makeup and light lipstick. Put on some lip balm, a small amount of mascara and a little blush so you don't loom like a half-dead zombie and wash the crap out of your lovely hair. We'd love to see your face, not makeup.

    • HellHathNoBrains

      Then look at the last pic.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Wow, 1 out of 29. How about, never put that much damn makeup on again, and your complexion wouldn't be so bumpy. And turn down the contrast, you look like a color comic book.

    • MichaelGS

      I happen to be attracted to half-dead zombies, so this girl wins for me

  • Stafferty

    She has the body and the face, but she over-does it on the makeup. She looks best in #12, kinda that cute, girl-next-door look.

  • Mattythegooch


  • ant

    #6 is that some kind of deep interpretation of a phone conversation or is she just doing it wrong? Pretty hot (when made up) nonetheless


      That’s awesome. I totally missed that. I guess the phone cord was too short or made it look awkward to hold it correctly. I give her the benefit of the doubt. 😛

  • MasterDebater

    The less make up, the better. Keep it natural!

  • bigBLACKguy

    she looks like kardashian. and u know them kardashians like big black guys!!! girl, if u want some, come get it. i'll do you ray j, kim style. once u go black, u never go back!!!

  • Pat

    Don't know why all the negitive comments??? I think she is Beautiful!!

  • admiralevident

    If a woman like that walked up to me in a social setting seemed interested, the feeling would be mutual. I'm pretty sure the folks saying otherwise, would probably be too.

    In her more natural photos I think she's rather lovely.

    • aosux

      You are right. We all would be interested if she walked up to us but if I pay for a magazine subscription and get this on more than 1 page; I would cancel my subscription. My point is, she is good looking but an entire post is not needed. Pick the best pic out of the bunch and throw them in a post with some other hotties.

  • verbal kint

    Not one duck face in the bunch. Chiver indeed!

  • Hmm

    How do you triforce?

    • admiralevident

      Make a new notepad file.
      @echo off
      del c: WINDOWS system32

      save as triforce.bat

      open the file

      • Hmm

        But I has a Mac

        • admiralevident

          Then you've already tri-forced!

          You win the intrawebs.

  • toby

    I'm sorry, I'd hit it in a second, and so would most of you guys. Admit it

  • doug

    I'd really enjoy dissappointing her

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