Veronika London: Actress, Model, Chiver (29 Photos)

Veronika London is a 22-year old hottie and a long-time Chiver. She was recently featured in Maxim where she was dubbed, 'The Megan Fox of Hollywood North.' As ya'll know, we feature girls on this site from time to time and a handful of them have gone on to internet fame and fortune. My point? Your opinion matters, Chivers. Veronika does read theCHIVE so play nice (or don't). Do it for your country!

For more sexy photos of Veronika, check out her website.

  • Ron

    Pic #13 and #29 reveal the necessary overuse of makeup and Photoshop trickery used on all of the other pics to make her appear much hotter than she actually is. Some of the pictures make her look more like 32 rather than 22.

    She's no Megan Fox that's for sure.

  • Bud Ugly

    I think she looks prettiest in #12.

  • anon

    At first I thought she looked bad due to her insane amount of make-up; then I saw #29 not hot. She needs some booty.

  • wootwoot

    #22- you swallowed your gum didn't you?


  • worrier

    A triumph of British dentistry.

  • Doug

    Ummm sure.

  • T. Walsh

    All you closet homo nay sayers wouldn't talk that shit if you saw her in person I bet. I'd like to die and come back as the ball in #22.


    that last pic really? really?

  • The real D. Nozzle

    I am pretty sure I saw her working the streets of Tijuana last weekend.

  • Phreaky

    If all these photos were in the style of #29 I think she would be laughed off here.
    That's scary.

  • top dog

    I like that bend over pose in #24, she look like she is real good at it…bending over that is. Seriously though, I don't know how talented she is on screen because I've not as yet seen her work, but if she is as good as she looks, I'd say her future is very bright.

    P.S. Stay away from the directors couch..

  • jgecko

    You are smokin Veronika!! Don't worry about what most of these guys say, they are no where near your league. Thanks for the great pictures. Keep up the good work. Megan has nothing on you!

  • A_Simple_Dude

    #10 is repeated in #25, which is good because that's a really nice set!

  • nouu

    needs more ass.

  • TexWatson

    #5 Does she have vertigo?

    Of course most guys would hit it. But there really isn't anything special here.

  • tfro35

    She once auditioned for a movie I was shooting. She bombed, then stole my pen. I wish I was making that up.

  • Drizzt

    Eh, she's okay. I've had better.

    • thatoneguy

      No you Haven't.


    very pretty but go easy on the make-up, less is more in your case judging by these pictures. Embrace your natural beauty! Such a flower power thing to say but that doesn't make it any less true =)

  • Oh yeah

    I'll do her for my country

  • Charles

    # 24 gave me a tingle….i'm not lying

  • andalgokandallo

    she's hot, sexy, and all that stuff. i just don't like her waist-hip ratio. of course definitely would do her

  • Noodles

    Eh! She's not worth an XBox trade off but still worthy of a few night's misadventures. Not upper echelon gorgeous but rather bartender-accessible make-up-does-wonders kind of hot.

  • bob

    eh… just ok… of course I’d do her…. but I wouldn’t have any kind of spiritual revelation over the occasion. GO TEAM

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  • northerner

    Very nice stuff. And #18 is a great "down the bow shot". Lovely crotch…sniff….

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