• Spiderpig615

    First!! Suck on it!!

    • Spiderpig615


    • first what?

      so do you get a special price for being first? or a special privilege? or maybe a dedication or something meaningful? no? hmmmm…. I'm gonna go ahead and not think its inmature and give you the benefit of a doubt… wait – I'm sorry, I can't do that its too illogical

      • http://twitter.com/aleksandur @aleksandur

        somehow, I have the feeling that he yelled both at his girlfriend last night.

  • Macsen

    Hay. I like this kid!

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/rikooprate rikooprate

    I can't see shizzle. Damnit!

    • Brandon

      This new embedded video player doesn't seem to be working for me either. I'm using Firefox with NoScript, but it still doesn't play when I allow the whole page to load.

      • Frenchgirl

        yep can't watch it either!

  • Clickawhat

    Says the kid that is broadcasting videos of himself.

    • Da Man

      Yeah but not a new annoying broadcast everyday.

  • deeznuts

    if used a curse word it would of been funny

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/hellhathnofury3 HellHathNoFury

    Aah, duckfacing. The ultimate outward sign that you are aspiring to look like a dog's asshole.

    • P-90

      Hey Fury, did this kids voice kind of remind you of Baljeet.

  • boohay

    when ur right ur right kiddo… oh yeah, I hate it when parents do thier childs science projects and the kid acts like a know-it-all

  • Matt

    holy shit this little kid is awesome!! dude your my hero!

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/metalcool36 metalcool36

    Duckface and picture OCD…. Doesn't get much worse than that

  • redrum

    I can almost see what the kid is talking about….well if he wasn't so goddamn ugly….
    But yes…duckfaces fucking look uglier.

  • Your Step-Dad

    So damn right!!! But mostly my profile picture come with a middle finger… or two. Do that make me a douche? I need to know so I can save my soul 😛

  • Crystal

    That kid is an absolute legend.

  • Bigfoot

    i like this guy, too bad i never had a photo taken up that close.

  • Marader


  • Ken

    Preach it kid!

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