There are sexy Chivers among us (23 Photos)

  • uberbrie

    very nice…she should stay blonde…agree?

    • Malachi Constant

      I don't know, I was distracted by the girl below her…sweet Jesus-

    • uberbria

      paper bag imo

      • balls

        yeah maybe 2.

        • fourTWOzero

          definitely agree with the 2 bag method….one on her head…..and one on your head in case hers falls off while banging her

    • Mark

      i like red, but it begs the question, "i wonder if the carpet matches her pubes?"

      • Tiger's Wood

        Her carpet is the pubes. I think what you mean is does the carpet match the drapes. She's not hot either way, but I would say blonde because of that duck face with red hair. Also, 20 is simply gorgeous!

        • A-Bomb

          You totally missed that reference. That's just plain sad.

          • Mark

            at least somebody got it

    • ron

      Blonde, without a doubt.

    • Bear6

      yeah and maybe never do that kissy face again

    • Panchito

    • Mr. Anonymous

      (Not directed at above comment)
      #23? Really? -sigh- C'mon Chive.
      At least attach the /b/ post below it, it'll give these guys a laugh.

    • Zoey


    • jtatman

      Go back to redhead!!! Natural is very very sexy!!! I like the carpet to match the curtains!!!

  • Redheads Rule

    Go back to red

    • Pedro

      Agreed, but with a distinct lack of duckface.

  • sippinator94

    The first one in 17 is jailbait.

    • uberbrie

      not in Texas its not

    • Belisario

      not in Italy.. The age of consent in Italy is 14 years

  • Malachi Constant

    #23- yup, I'd kill a man to get with that…sorry God I'm going to hell-

    • isawoj

      I think I see Chris Hansen peeking around the corner in #23.

    • Bo.

      yes all over . shes got the "look" , just departed the jailbait phase

  • pissed..

    #15 + 20 ftmfw

    • Boris


    • Tony Miteff

      best 2 out of the group

  • MelanieK

    24 – Very nice…..

  • Fligglebobbin

    These ladies are FINE!

  • normal

    Holy chive!!! Are all these chivers for real? If not im gonna be so dissapointed..

    • top dog

      No, they are made of plastic. What kind of question is that?

    • Trys

      Nah man… 90% of them nnever even heard of this site. Picking random pics of hot chicks and posting them here will give the Chive some problems in the future =/

  • Anonymous

    that first pic is pretty nice for a first post first

  • Furthy

    I agree, go back to red….but try to avoid the duckface from now on. We hate that here.

  • yoyo

    blonde or red, u are really ugly

    in love with #21

  • verbal kint

    I'd launch a thousand ships for #20.

    • verbal kint

      crap. Now I'm all out of ships. Hopefully I can use #2 as a flotation device.

  • Mark

    these are just the kind of chicks i'm gonna hook up with when i move out of my parents basement. until then…….fap fap fap fap……and i'm spent..

    • vicrom252

      I feel the same way!
      until that day… Forever Alone

  • JayBeck

    go back to the red 100%

  • Chris

    Holy crap, #21. Looking verrrry good there. Very powerful eyes.

    • Zoey

      Yeah, 21 is great!!

  • z28js

    Red, I'd say.. but most importantly, never stand next to #11 again.

  • fzero

    Girls this attractive make me realize how royally fucked I really am. FML.

  • Boris

    1-25 Wow!

  • Chris Hanson

    Hello Chive,

    Why don't you go and have a seat over here and let's talk about why you're here.

  • zym

    #24, but I'm really going to need to see some sort of ID, possibly with a birth certificate or at least a note from your mom. Or maybe just send your mom…apple falling from tree and such.

    • mooo

      she is 18 in my book haha

  • markthebag

    @ No.10 – face transplant.

  • Northman

    #1, to quote Borat, "It's-a niiiice"

  • P Diddily

    #15 is sexy as hell!!!

  • whynot

    Did I win the daily contest or did I fail at being first

  • Ricardo

    Redhead all the way!

    The curls are very nice!

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