There are sexy Chivers among us (23 Photos)

  • Army of Dad

    #10 Stay Blonde

  • William

    Ladies, please… Clean your room first, then take the pics.

  • Throbbit Yuengling

    #8+ me= motorboat

    • filupjw

      she is a girl on flickr named princess tiana or something like that

  • Sauru

    ahhh the over the shoulder angle, making ugly girls more attractive for years now

  • Mike

    I need to see more of #11 and 20. But all of them were amazing

  • verbal kint

    Big fan of #15 too. At first I wasn't too big on the nose studs. But if you're into piercing your nose, then you're probably into piercing your tongue. And if you're into tongue piercings then, well, we all know what that means.

    So, uh, call me and stuff.

  • B0B

    #3 all the way!

  • Ben

    #10 – Who cares, just stop making that stupid duck face.

  • Joey

    17, 23, 24 will all get you 15… in jail

    • MIAMI

      Please bring cigarettes next visit.

  • Htownpunk

    Yes, can you please refrain from posting "sexy" pictures of girls younger than 18?! It is really disturbing…..

  • nitroactive13

    #10…look more like #11

  • Alex

    #10 definitely red. The blonde makes you look like a moron. Or is that just your face?

  • Bob

    20 is so fine, as are all the rest.

  • Bogdan Mihalcea

    #20 … Outstanding!

  • mp24

    #10, go back to red. not many chicks can pull it off but it looks good on you

  • Anon

    #20 and #23 … oh my…

  • Trouser chili

    If you go red make sure you make a double batch to make your snatch match

  • Mattythegooch

    20 & 21……Ohhhhh Skeeeeet!!

    how the fuck do I get my ugly ass avatar slapped on here??

  • Per

    #21, I lost my breath when I saw her. So very beautiful.

  • Leonardo

    Are you only sending them to me now? Where’s everybody else gone?

  • dt520

    #3, #21 – The less people wear glasses, the hotter they look

    #10 – If its natural, go back to it

    #23 – Just WOW

    Overall, looking good Lady Chivers!

  • whit

    11: i hope you love every inch of your body and never hate it, because it is perfect. good for you if you work for it and damn it if you're just lucky.

  • Chuck

    #2 might be the hottest girl ive ever seen. First time I ever wanted to motorboat someone while looking into their eyes.

  • Thad

    22 !!! Chive on LInda!

  • BEMW

    I think #17 has gotta pee!

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