There are sexy Chivers among us (23 Photos)

  • Anon

    For some reason, 23's plainness is turning me on.

  • Jim

    10……….. or stop posting pictures of yourself you ugly trollop.

  • aosux

    #20 is hot and 22 is soo cute.

  • Jyke

    @25 Salut de Paris aussi ^^

  • ASZfsdx

    Sexy Chivers, get some self esteem.

    • J

      Did the ugly duckling not make it on the chive?

  • Your_Daddy

    #21 has the most B-U-T-FUL eyes in the PLANET!!!

  • Charlie

    20 is the most beautiful girl ive seen in a very long time, i may cry she's so beautiful

  • boki

    20 & 24….
    nuff said 🙂

  • broham

    #11 is an 11!!!!

  • ROvets

    Moar on 24!!!!
    also 21, she has piercing eyes

  • Buffet

    I throw away better than most of them.

  • sta

    #25 ! bonjour ma chère, entre fans du chive il faut qu'on célèbre notre site autour d'un bon apéro…
    il te faut m'écrire ma douce, c'est "stapru1" arobas le gmail point com…
    A tres vite j'espere!

  • 20!


  • #18

    Yes, they most certainly DO

  • Pap Smear Ribbon

    Blonde or red? Hmm, I don't know. Let me see dem titties and i'll let you know.

  • future lover

    20 and 23 PERFECT!

  • stary prase

    you should stay out of my sight

  • NoPartyFollower

    #10 has bigger issues than hair color.

  • Damon

    #20 is awesom

  • Jimmy

    Must see more of #25

  • A Fan

    #10 Doesn't matter, you look bad in both

  • bill

    wow #6 is awesome.

  • Always Last


  • Bob

    stay blonde or red? neither, your're not cute

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