Women with a side of future lower back problems (27 Photos)

  • Bud Ugly

    Some of these women look nice, but more than a few of them don't have THAT large of boobs, especially to cause back problems.

  • Vern

    Is #15 shopped? If not, she is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  • Pretty Pretty

    Chive, you disappoint once again. I used to be mildly surprised at the 'Less than busty babes of the d cup in a push up bra' photo galleries, now I'm just saddened.

    Are you really in such a lady-drought that 18# is busty to you? Really?

  • Brett

    12 FTW

  • Joe

    #3 is some kind of poetry….

    Anyone know who she is?

  • mj

    WELL. Huuuulloo Number Eleven. You are perfect. Soft skin…soft..everything….a lesbian or bisexual woman’s dream. I cannot see your rear end, but for the sake of maintaining the mixture of wonder, arousal, and bliss I am experiencing here in my office cubicle, I will tell myself that your derriere is as juicy as a fresh country peach, with those little folds between your legs when you bend over. My boyfriend is leaving for work in ten minutes. Please be here, and please bring #15 if you’re into that sort of thing. I have plenty of weed, alcohol, and foodstuffs for our entertainment.

    Yours Truly,

    • Pooterific

      Post pics, or you're a cow.

      • mj

        wow, nice to meet you as well. That’s a great way to get pics. Btw I already have, sorry you missed it (not really).

        • mj

          and even if I was a cow what the fuck does it matter. I didn’t come up to you like “Ohhh Pooterific, I NEED you to come over to my place later so that you can give me your royal opinion on my body, I can’t live without your eyes on me!”

          • Pooterific

            I am cool with you being a cow. I like fat chicks too! And I have no "royal" opinion on anything. I just suck at saying your HOT.

      • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

        She's fucking hot, great face and super beautiful body with all the right curves. She's posted awesome pics of herself which were complimented all over the place. You should do more learning than talking.

  • balls

    diora baird FTW

  • MasterDebater

    #15 just made me LOL. We need more of those.

  • top dog

    Pretty faces, big tits, typical. Can’t tell what the ass look like…..CAUSE I CAN’T SEE THEM!!!!! Show some booty every now and again…please!

  • Sauru

    some of them get removed? i dont see this number 27 everyone thinks is so hot

  • http://www.facebook.com/glen.e.wheeler Glen Edward Wheeler

    #3 ftw

  • NoPainNoGain

    I feel cheated, mine stops at #22

  • top dog

    The last time I tried posting on this one it didn't make it for some reason, I'll try it again.
    Big tits and no ass. Need to see some booty, need to see some booty, need to see some bootyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    The post should be titled " Freaking Gorgeous Women"… not anything to do with lower back problems. I am not complaining, though, because as I stated: These women are still quite attractive.

  • thatguyyousaw

    is 18 sophie howard? it kinda looks like her but a younger her

  • KingOfAllMedia

    Hey Bob, what happened to the original number 12? She was wearing a white top and driving the car.

    • Ron

      Likely they were taken down due to copyright infringement as there are only 22 pics shown when the original post stated 27 pics.

      • KingOfAllMedia

        any idea where I can find it?

  • Jim

    18……………now that's a pair

  • wiggy

    12 is a dude.

  • Brandon

    If 75% of the girls in this post didn't want to have future back problems, they should have asked their plastic surgeons to go easy on the size of the implants.

  • creamyrimmers

    sorry gents but 22 is the hottest thing ever!!

  • tomasher

    #17 now that's all right!

  • John Robert

    #2 is wildly hot. mezmerizing.

  • scottyboy1612

    #9 Semper Fi. #12 Have seen before but still is smoking hot

  • bill

    omg #18 is beautiful

  • The One

    # 20
    girl on the right is starin at the other girls tits! Awesome.

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