Chronic same-pose celebrities (29 Photos)

  • OneClownShoe

    I hate people

    • people

      well we hate you too

    • rcjaos

      Right, you wouldn't want to be rich, famous and have to pose occasionally……..a little upset with our lot in life are we?

    • yepnope

      Are YOU an aspiring bulimic? Well for only FREE.99, YOU TOO can enjoy the INSTANT vomit inducing powers of #29!!!

      Antacids not included.

    • Mysterious G

      You should hate people who aren't good at a job that isn't very hard to begin with! Like whoever is responsible for not being able to Google Katy Perry and make sure the middle picture of #23 really is her. Because it really doesn't look like her at all. It could be but I just don't know…

      • Mysterious Gq

        Oh and you should also hate whoever was responsible for #25 because once again the middle photo isn't the same person as the ones on either side. Not to mention that several of these poses are what the photographers ask for.
        Oh and Lady Gaga, even though I hate her, is doing the proper pose for an avant garde look. As she is wearing what most fashion experts would classify as an "avant garde" look, she is in the correct pose in each picture and therefore should not be penalized. lol The More You Know ™ *shooting star graphic*

  • nastyb123

    Megan Fox, always, always does that when she see's me,

    • Beltes

      Because that's how she wipes the vomit from her teeth?

      • nastyb123

        Ouch,that stung, I'm tellin

      • G Dawg


  • Izi

    the Chive and Izismile: Chronic same-post sites.

    • jmac

      wow…thanks for th – SHUT THE HELL UP!! (SLAP)

  • SpazAu

    Thats what happens when you train a chimp to do something ….. they will repeat the same task over and over again…..

  • bamajess

    Jessica Biel ftw!

    • P Diddily

      Hell Yeah! When you've got an ass like that, you have to stand sideways so people can see it in all it's glory. Bravo

      • hemadraco

        Word. She should always show off that ass. I wanna lick it…

    • Jen


  • Alice

    You know, there's only like seven different poses that you can put your body in. So if you're photographed a certain number of times, those poses are going to be repeated. And I don't even get the Travis Barker one – it's just photos of his face. How much variation do you want??

    • anon chiver

      same exact thing i thought… if anyones picture was taken 1000 times in a year, of course they are gonna pose the same way a few times. the spencer and hiedi thing is a little ridiculous tho.

    • SilentThunder

      Travis is showing off his neck tattoos in a very unusual facial pose.

      A lot of these people have been coached to stand in particular poses, or have little tweaks which they do all the time, like giving the peace V sign… you don't see anyone else do that much when they pose for photos.

  •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    Poor Megan Fox, always trying to get pubic hairs out of her teeth, the ones that keep her famous.

    • Beau

      So wait, do you mean the teeth keep her famous, or are those pubic hairs that she got in her teeth from the people that keep her famous?

      Curiouser and curiouser.

      •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

        Of course I mean her teeth! Look at those things, white, smooth, even…the kind that make men weak in their knees.

      • Beau

        That was me. I'm logged in now. Yippie-ki-yay-ki-yooo

    • LOL

      gee, that was some discreet jealously right there…

      •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

        I am definitely jealous of her, who isn't? She's beautiful! But I'd rather date her than hate her. Hey, I'm a poet and didn't realize it until just now.

        • Newton

          no, you just think you're a poet

          •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

            You don't do much reading, do you?

            • Mysterious G

              encounter that much on these comment boards? lol
              *Uses what should be a commonly known phrase*
              *Trolls respond literally*
              *Original Poster hangs head in despair for human race*

        • Vihni

          I think she's practising for the only job she will be able to get, you know like on a listerine advert (where they tongue they're teeth), because that's about how good her acting is.

        • Anon

          Ewww, how can you call her beautiful when she has big toes for thumbs?

          • Chris

            Bro, she could have no thumbs and I would drive my skin boat to her tuna town hourly.

  • Error Flynn

    i'm sitting in my room, watching these pics, and its raining outside, and i don't have a girlfriend, or a fuckfriend or something/somebody, and i'm so sad…

    • Mysterious G

      You have an awesome handle on this site, though. Error Flynn lol.

  • robsterling

    #6 Spice Stick has to stand that way. She isn't thrusting her hips forward on purpose, it's her vagina trying to escape.

  • Confused

    The middle pic in #25 doesnt even look like the same person

  • Puff Daddy

    Same with me, except that im at work. I think I will go cry in the meeting room.

  • nick

    lindsey lohan is going to look fucking TERRIBLE when shes older

    • hotbabe55

      she does already

  • Adrian

    Is it same pose if you have two poses?

  • ROK

    do chicks rape each other in prison? LiLo is about to find out!

  • Maddog

    Well…I call this one, BLUE STEEL… and this one – this one is LE TIGRE…I'm currently working on MAGNUM… "Can I see that?" HAHAHA! No, that one's not quite ready yet.

  • erez

    great post!!

  • metalcool36

    I think Jessica Biel is obligated to stand that way lol. Gotta show off those ASSets!!

    • fariq

      how original of you

  • robsterling

    #1 “Mmmm. Salty.”

    #2 “Did I wipe o.k.?”

    #3 “Excuse me? Did you say ‘prison’?”

    #4 “If I keep my hands here nobody will see the bulge.”

    #5 “Plane crash? What plane crash?”

    #6 “For pennies a day you can help feed a starving child. Or this skinny bitch.”

    #9 “Duck! She’s throwing herpes!”

    #10 “Why are you guys chanting, ‘Free the twins?’ What twins?”

    #11 “Why are you guys chanting, ‘Turn around?’”

    #12 “Muwahahahahahahaha”

    #13 Didn’t I just see you at #9?

  • robsterling

    #14 “You guys keep spelling it wrong! It’s ‘H-O-A-R!’”

    #15 These three photos weigh more than she does.

    #16 “I have to get something off of my fingernails before my next court appearance.”

    #17 No matter how hard she tries to hold it in, ghetto booty will always win!

    #21 “From this side they can’t see the bruises.”

    #23 “Why does Katy Perry have so many clothes on

    #24 What does a redneck girl say when she’s losing her virginity? Get off me daddy, yer crushing my cigarettes.

    #29 Stop it! Somebody just put a bounty on these fu*k*rs already.

  • top dog

    Rihanna and Jessica Biel can pose the same way all they want. When you're that fine, you're authorized. Look at the booty on J. Biel, can't see Rihanna's booty, but I've seen it before.

  • Bob

    Funny, especially number 5, just like Zoolander's calendar.

  • agag

    8 and 10 (scarlet and cheerleader) has no syndrome at all – it's different stands in each picture – is standing in a photo considered a syndrome?!

  • Sizzle

    For most of these people, I would use the term "celebrity" very, very loosely.

  • Brandon

    I have no objections to Olivia Wilde at all.

  • Ali Alsarari

    Hwhant any women in yemen in sanaa

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