Hot weatherwomen from around the world (31 Photos)

  • Jaf

    I wish the weather was always as hot as these ladies up in Canada

    • top dog

      I don't know, your women don't look so bad….some of em. Some of em look like walking icebergs but somebody is tagging em. Shit, I'll tag some of your women…..with a heat suit on.

  • paicey69

    No. 26. Tight white pants FTW

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    And how many actually know the first thing about Meteorology?

    "Oh, look at the pretty clouds!!!"

    • Ryan

      Its all about ratings, pal. Ratings pay the bills.

    •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

      She can cumulonimbus in the back of my stratus any day.

  • Confused

    I wish some of these done the Irish weather

    • Joeyk

      Todays forcast, rain. Back to you

  • someguy

    #26 and 28 seems to be same girl. Young, pretty and a body to die for.. want !

    • max

      his name is mayte carranco from monterrey mexico

    • Mario

      Search youtube for Mayte Carranco

  • HellRazer

    Dear Latin countries,
    You are doing it right. That is all.

    • chinogravity

      thanks. #26 girl from my city Monterrey México Mayte Carranco.

  • R. Burgundy-SanDiego

    #16's Forecast- Partly cloudy with a 100% chance of FAP

  • Beldar

    Looks like a heat wave is coming with a scattering of large boobies throughout the day.

  • top dog

    Well I guess it's gonna be hot everywhere ain't it?. Now they probably don't know a damn thing about the weather but who cares, hell, we don't know crap about it either. But they do a damn good job at fooling me, and I like it…them…and the work they do and stuff. I love a normal working woman that don't mind getting sweaty every now and then. SEXXYYYYYY!!

  • MichaelGS

    hey you forgot the BBC wales today one… oh wait we get lumbered with an over excited, rather camp, middle aged man! I guess because it doesnt matter what eye they put in front of the camera they cant deliver the bad news: "and the weather in much of wales is gonna be shit for the next 362 days, as usual", so might as well put a guy on who knows his shit. I mean its gonna be depressing news no matter who tells it

  • tommy bolero

    Who is #8??? mexican chick??

    • jmts80

      Jackie Guerrido, Puerto Rican. HOT!!!

  • AnyoneForCoffee



  • Deaddog
  • First!

    oh please.number 3 is scary as rather hit a tranny in thai than her

  • jimmycrackcorn

    anyone have a name on #26… i'd like to see more

  • Swap

    #26 is Mayte Carranco Local Weather women from Monterrey, Mexico.

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  • ale

    theres at least 3 frikin bitches from Monterrey, Mex… I feel proud.

  • gfydi

    Here in Tampa, FL on the local Fox affiliate we have a weather girl named Sheena Parveen. She is smokin' hot!

  • choy

    monterrey represent!!!!!

  • Sayulita

    At least five girls from my hometown; Monterrey, México

  • N.Scott

    Woah, Woah… where’s Chrissy Russo? (FOX 5 San Diego Weather Girl)

    … I rest my case.

    • outofshittickets

      fuck yes man….i was thinking the same thing…thanks for some links also haha

      • MichaelGS

        very nice, apart from the middle one, she doesnt look as hot in that one. but very nice overall

  • Jim

    I live in the UK……….

    Type Sian Lloyd into Google images……

    That's what we got. Britain sucks.

    • top dog

      I did a search on her….I see what you mean!


    where is PETROULA from Greece.. you gotta be jocking man!

  • Its-a Me, Mario

    I want names so I can Google them. Where is the service Chive? Keep the customers happy why dont ya!

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