More perfectly timed sports photography (26 Photos)

  • Ryan

    I wouldn't say that #23 is necessarily perfectly timed. The Cubs have been taking shots to the pills since the beginning of April.

    • Maddog

      You mean since April, 1920?

  • Ryan

    Notice I didn't say "first" of April. I have a little more self-respect than that.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Rugby. Your argument is invalid.

  • Ninja

    Why is nascar in here? its not a sport.

    • bktscrambler

      Blah blah blah NASCAR is not a sport yeah whatever. It's not like driving down the interstate, asshat. If you had a clue, you wouldn't need to make an ignorant comment. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

      • Maddog

        Wait, isn't that how NASCAR started? Driving down the interstate and an asshat?

  • Yuval

    you shuld switch between #3 and #4 and then attach them to one picture.

  • NormanJWright

    i wouldnt really say #21 is perfectly timed. its not that even good of a skate pic.

  • Guy Incognitus

    I was there for #24. That was the Red Bull air race in Windsor/Detroit this year. That picture would've been taken from the Detroit side.

  • Phyro

    #5 – IT'S A BOY!

  • @badmacktuck

    #15 Is Pebble Beach, California. That's Carmel Beach behind it.

    I couldn't tell you why there's a douche bag with a stick in the picture. And, why is he standing like that?

  • Ken

    #18. Fractured tibia. Severe pain in 5….4….3….2…..1

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