Today is a sad day, my friends (15 Photos)

Tennis pro Simona Halep is getting breast reduction surgery. I'll let that sink in. Here's a reflection on the glory that was. I'm going to miss watching her play.

  • Slim

    First let us have a moment of silence.

    • hmm

      15 can't be the same as the others….

  • ThisIsGreat!


  • Frostback

    While I don't like it, I understand it. The cost of foundation alone to cover her black eyes after each match must be exorbitant.

  • Antonio

    😥 this is sad… maybe she was not meant to be a tennis player…

    • flenin

      maybe but if its just she likes playing with balls i can sort her out…

  • Joeyk

    I can picture the surgeon before hand, "this is the worst part of my job.."

  • tyra

    This is a sad day indeed. God giveth and man taketh away.

  • Pat


  • stefanhartman

    #17 – JESUS CHRIST, she has a tattoo on her side!!!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      There were two more photos?!

      However, in response to the final photo: SWEET MERCURY'S WINGS!

    • robsterling

      I still don't see a tattoo. All I see are funbags.
      I bet you see a snake wrapped around Salma Hayek in "From Dusk til Dawn."
      Get your priorities straight, man!

      • Bear6

        unreal reply ha ha

  • M.M

    Dang..she had such potential

  • keithp420

    That breast player has a tennis problem…

  • robsterling

    Who is #17? I had to go back and look at her face to make sure, but it's not the same girl.

    Oh, who cares. I will just call them "Bouncy" and "Flouncy." "C'mon girls! Time to motorboat!"

  • Sauru

    the money made from shareing those fun bags with the world would be far greater than anything she will ever make playing tennis. this is a stupid buisness decision

    • Forced Entry

      Whatever she takes out will sell on Ebay. She will make more money doing that than playing tennis.

  • thatperson

    If you get breast reduction surgery, jesus weeps.

  • Andrew

    She has all ready had her surgery.

  • TennisShmo

    Had the surgery in 2009. Also the last picture isn't her but who cares.

    • Shoestring

      Haha, I was about to say, "This story is about a year old".

    • radiodial

      So, what does she look like now? Can't tell on the web which is old images and if any are "post".

  • Alan

    Why? Just why?

  • top dog

    I can understand why, she want to win a few turnaments(tennis). Them bags was keeping her in the air too long, and by the time she came back down to ground, the ball(tennis)was past her already. Hell, not only that, they gotta hurt a little when they are bouncing around like that. She's a tinnis player, not a husler center fold. I bet she still look sexy after the surgery.

    • HellRazer

      WTF did Yoda just say?

  • schango

    we need a video montage with some sad music.

  • Biggus Diccus

    I was sad as well before my penis reduction surgery, but it was getting rediculous. I can't tell you how many lamps next to my bed I've broken errantly swinging around my slumber lumber. Plus I've had plenty of skinned knees and bruises from tripping over it.

    • Jen


    •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

      You didn't have to get it so dramatically reduced, though.

  • Rolis

    she should play less tennis that the only solution to the problem, and cant she find some russian mafioso to date, by the way they are real and they are spectacular 🙂

  • Mike


  • Maddog

    Slapping God in the FACE!!! Your back problems are not my problem beautiful boobed tennis godess.

    Now what are people supposed to watch during women's tennis matches!? The game? Yeah right!

  • Jim

    Well, that's me never watching tennis again….


  • The Truth Hurts!!!

    Boobs….no boobs…it doesn't matter.. she's still a classic Butterface!!!

  • weaponx

    Sorry, but the last girl is not Simona Halep, her name is Lyndsey @ sportsbybrooks.

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