Today is a sad day, my friends (15 Photos)

Tennis pro Simona Halep is getting breast reduction surgery. I'll let that sink in. Here's a reflection on the glory that was. I'm going to miss watching her play.

  • albyok

    Exchanging two big balls, for playing with a little yellow one. It's Math, damn!

  • Alex

    She's right, they're too big. I don't want a woman to have huge deposits of fat flapping around anywhere on her body. I hope she doesn't go full mastectomy, but she'll be a lot hotter after the reduction.

  • zartan

    that last pic is not of her

  • radiodial

    Picture 12 is post surgery. Looks like 2 softballs floating around.

  • sidecar

    Holy tennis balls batman!

  • Marky Mark

    The surgery took place in the summer of 2009 when Simona was 17 years old! From a 34DD to a 34C! Check out this plastic surgery website which has a youtube video showing how hard she hits the ball. Also, what she looks like now.

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