Ya know, ice can do some damage (29 Photos)

  • Ryan

    Wow… just… wow. Nature can be quite breathtaking. These pictures definitely make me appreciate summer a little more.

  • DaddyD

    Lots of ice. Not much damage.

  • http://thechive.com :))

    if i find my yaht like this one's i'd cry for 3 days :((

    • C-man

      Holy shit what's a yaht? Oh you mean yacht, cuz you'll never have one anyway. What's the big deal, just a little ice, it'll melt.

  • kater

    cool looking pix for a hottt summer. yeah, pretty.

    but now give us please some pix of ice covered nips, frosted panties and shiny, moist tushes for a truly chivish entertainment!

  • confused

    Wow never seen ice that bad

  • Lokobo

    #22 is a death trap!

  • Crystal

    That is beautiful.

    Definitely one of my favourite Chive posts yet!

  • spook01

    Al Gore warned us…

    • i hate you people

      there was a picture of man bear pig? hmmm must of missed it

  • saraheleanor17

    some turned out being really pretty 🙂

    • Zoey

      Yeah, as long as they're not YOUR car or boat!

  • nakedlong

    glad i live in florida

  • someguy

    where was this ? I see ice and snow every year in the Alps, but this here seems like a crazy phenomenom.

    • Someotherguy

      The cars by the lake is Nyon Switzerland

  • Guest

    In Newfoundland, we call this "Glitter", its crazy to watch it happen.

  • admiralevident

    Where is this? I must know, so I ill never, ever move there.

    Very beautiful at times. I'd rather appreciate this from a picture though.

  • Anony

    #23 is strangely beautiful

  • top dog

    That is some crazy shit man, glad I don't live there, I'd be a human pop sicle by now.

  • uberbrie

    One of the reasons why I live below the Mason Dixon

  • JHAS

    this happened in buffalo ny in 2006. it was the creepiest thing ever to walk out the door and have compete silence except for hearing tree branches creeking then snapping and falling.

  • petwookiee

    That happened in my area several years ago. Just like #16, it turned many of the trees in my area into deformed Dr. Seuss trees. Kinda cool for a couple weeks until you realize they ain't never going to straighten back out.

  • osborl12

    #23: giving a new definition to the evil eye.

  • Sarah

    Wow I thought it was bad enough having to de-ice my car when it was -1 or something but dammmmnnnn thats some crazy ice going on
    Shudder – I'd hate to think what temperature it must've been … brrrrrrr

  • first what?

    damage? I see natures art in there

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    The ice man cometh.

    • admiralevident

      I'll never eat ice again.

    • Bacon!!!!!!

      no….you suck.

      • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

        Pretty well. That's why he cometh.

        • admiralevident

          Well played…well played

          Apparently you don't swallow, look at all of it.

          • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

            Whoa, my stomach is only so big and some girls are into…. And I just crossed the decency line with matches and a gas can.

            • admiralevident

              It's alright you posted a tacky body pic. You get a lot more rope to hang yourself than those without.

  • fkdsofkp

    where are this pictures from?

  • Penelope


  • somethings

    It may not be THIS intense, but we seem to get at least one storm per winter here in Nebraska that ices everything over. It makes driving sorta scary.

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