A few more super-awesome things I wish I’d invented (12 Photos)

  • The Dude

    So you like Unicorn Corn holders? Interesting

  • Hwrd_Strns_Pns

    #12 I like cutting my pizza clockwise…this product doens't look like it will work to well for that.

  • The Dude 2.0
    • come on chive!

      yeah chive is out of originality 😦

    • alysinwunderland

      Thank you! I KNEW that this looked familiar but couldn't quite figure out where I saw it.

    • Vern - Chicago

      I love the Chive for hot chicks and the "Sexy Chivers Amongst us" posts. Everything else they post comes from izismile.com.

    • NurdHurder

      Yeah but I don't go to that website or indeed any other of the ones Chive plagiarise. I come to The Chive and like the fact that I have all those others rolled into one. If you don't like it then start going to the huffingpuff website for all your afternoon slacking needs…then try resist the temptation to come back as you won't be missed.

      • Thomas

        That's what the chive does, people. If you don't like it, I have an idea —– Get the fuck out

        Izismile is a french site. a french site. so I'm supposed to go there now? Anybody who says the chive 'plagiarizes' lacks fundamental understanding of the internet. All these sites get images from other places.

        • partly

          to the first three comments in this thread. You obviously replied to yourself.

          • Parkin Son

            I'm pretty sure the chive is busy not caring what anybody thinks. They just turned down an O&O (owner operator) offer for $5 million dollars so let the haters hate.

            • thedude 3.0

              The Dude 2.0 is a dbag

            • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/mchaelgs MichaelGS

              anybody else sick of these asshats whining and moaning about how theyve seen all these pics on one of the millions of other sites the web has to offer? Feels like very fuckin post we have a whiner

              • The Dude 2.0


                What butthurt is all of this and then some.

  • Suzannes1974

    NES Harmonicas? More useless crap….seriously.

    Retrovision…now there's something everyone needs!

    Bendy-bike rocks!

    Why can't you just swallow your gum?

    • B.J. Johnson

      it's cool that you like to swallow.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/metalcool36 metalcool36

    A bottle opening clicker, a sports fans best bud!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/uberbrie uberbrie

    Inventions full of win especially #2

  • Nicnac

    #6 … dumb. Another gadget to buy, dig in the drawer for, attach to fingers, and wash. How about you just learn how to cut veggies…

  • Pocketman

    I already invented #1… I call them pockets 😡 They stole my idea!

  • Jagon

    #10 swivel seats are not new. Early-mid '70s GM offer them, and I think Mopar in the 60's and even Mercury in the early 50's But only an old fart like me would know that.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    • Sarah

      When I saw this I thought of my arthritic granny who likes to use a tea-pot but doesn't quite have the grip any more to pour herself a decent cuppa

      So for us ordinary folk – yeah – lazy, unless your pants at pouring tea and end up getting more elsewhere….

      Idea wise – nice
      Aesthetics – nice (if yer into that kinda stuff)
      Safety – could perhaps do with some work

    • greg

      Europe has had these for over a century, but those were used for huge jugs of wine. much better, in my opinion.

  • Steve

    you all bitch about originality, because of chive you dont have to go to the liberal left wing website huffington post or any image site for your daily LMAO and TITS

    STFU n00bs

  • top dog

    #7 is ridicules. You are not suppose to eat at your work station, I could be wrong.
    #10 is nothing new, my van seats do the same thing. Some of these are pretty cool.

  • hemadraco

    #5!!! Omg, I'm buying one!

  • Greg_wire

    The reason you don't just "swallow your gum" is because over time the gum isn't processed as food and will be sent to the appendix with all the other rubber erasers and fingernails you've swallowed and burst the little bugger inside your body. yum.

    • Bip

      I don't have an appendix anymore, so I guess I'm in the clear! I was thinking how hard that gum would have to be to be able to push it in the little "trash can".

    • Marla

      You've GOT to be kidding me, with this answer… Do some basic anatomy work, genius.

    • sock puppet

      You're a moron. Gum passes through the body undigested. If you want to pick through your own feces, you'll find the gum right there in your underwear.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome xD i think i want a that pillow xD

  • dean

    #10 my 1975 cutlass does that

    • Tiger's Wood

      Is it a 442? My dad used to have one with the swivel bucket seats, those things are amazing!

  • Darksoul

    It’s not like most of us are going to need most of that stuff all the time; they are still clever.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/boylo35 Confused

    What a way to ruin nes games

    • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/hellhathnofury3 HellHathNoFury

      You gotta blow in those things anyways!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ptoma27 ptoma27

    How lazy do you have to be?

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/dw55 dw55

    #12 how in the hell they suppose to cut the other side …. just sayin….

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Htownpunk Htownpunk

    Uni-Corn Corn Holders……..fucking rule.

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  • ulises

    #12 does exists! i have seen it on chinese $1.99 dollar stores

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  • northerner

    Ah, this old fart thought exactly the same thing. Right on, Bro! Thinking of the late 50s early 60s Mopars specifically. Those were the days…cross-ram Hemis, push button Torqueflite trannys!

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