Tour De France up close and personal (22 Photos)

  • Pricey

    That bloke in 7 is clearly cheating.

    • T-Boz

      Clearly there wasn't enough room in the car for the other guy!

  • Mac

    10. Damn.

  • Smeagol

    So glad that we don't have to see Lance Armstrong win again this year!

    • Douche nozzle

      It would have been real embarrassing if he had. He's an old man with one nut

      • Xstephi90x

        who also survived cancer and made a foundation that raises money for said cancer he survived. He has accomplished a lot more in his life then you probably ever will with just one testicle. oh not to mention with a few tour titles to boot. =) so seriously dont say anything if you dont like something/someone.

  • ses

    Someone told me ___Rich Flirts// COM ___ It’s the place where you can meet millionaires—Meet singles,—rich cougars– -rich sugerdadies, who are searching for their special someone.

  • Equalizer

    pic# 10 – little cry baby

    • Xstephi90x

      yea that "cry baby" broke something more then likely and still got up and rode 150 mile give or take and then went to the hospital got his stuff taken care of and got back on the bike the next day. He has a lot more balls then you do because those bikes get up to nearly 45 mph. so stfu and dont talk about something you have no idea what your exactly talking about. I follow cycling because my boyfriend is a competitive cyclists and rides up to 70 miles a day, they ride hard and suffer a lot. So go out there and pull a day with Lance Armstrong or the "cry baby" and you'll be the one crying asshole

  • sippinator94

    I love football (the oval one), but these guys ride 100+ miles a day on a bike. One rides with just one nut. Under the definition of man, there is a picture of the Tour de France.

  • Nicsho

    This will win the Pulitzer, I just know it!

  • Wizard

    Cancellara is GOD!

  • Sheren

    What is #6, the hooker suite? Only one of two of em look good eoungh to stay in for mabe a night or so, but the rest are too far out there for me. I would never get any sleep in #10, that crap would run me crazy.

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