Olivia Wilde: Blonde or brunette? (36 HQ Photos)

  • jroc


    • ukenny

      I agree, looks more natural on her

      • Tiger's Wood

        She is just a nip slip away. I agree with brunette, it adds a whole other dimension to her.

    • FartFace

      yep, but i'd take either. 🙂

    • Fly

      Both…but I do have a thing for BRUNETTES. (Spelling counts)

  • ...

    who cares? both. ZIng!

    • northerner

      My thoughts exactly…

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/robsterling robsterling

    If she would just stand up in #19 we would know for sure… I'm guessing she's a natural brunette.

    Oh, and she needs a sandwich.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Dragnipur Dragnipur

      Yep, she's hot as hell but way too skinny. 20 lbs in the right places would make her one of the hottest chicks alive.

    • jojo

      I'm guessing that wouldn't tell us anything.

    • Kelly

      she's actually a natural blonde. she's mentioned it in a few interviews.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Can I make the obligatory "Wilde" comment?
    I don't care what color the hair is.. I'm Wilde about her.
    She has Wilde eyes and so on, and so on….

    • Troglodyte

      Who is this chick? She's not pretty (or busty) enough to be a porn star. Reality star?

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/sippinator94 sippinator94

    #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24. #24.

    • Sage

      If we're basing it off of the one that she looks the most outstanding in, it's #6, in my opinion.

      If we're going to base it on which one makes me want to kidnap her and take her to an island by ourselves…. then I'd have to pick #13, #16, #19, #23, #27, and #36.

  • Jack

    Brunette for suuuuureeeee

  • aosux

    Brunette and naked. Thats how I like her.

    • James

      I Agree 100%

  • keith

    brunette e-z question.

  • aleXTC

    One of the most stunning women i have ever seen. I would have to go with brunette though for sure.

  • GMAN

    brunette without a doubt

  • Bill

    She's beautiful no matter the color. I'd take her any way I could get her!

  • parry

    blonde. i like 'em blonde


    the voice of dissent

    • jerrymander

      agree to to disagree

  • chris

    I'd eat either flavor, but she does look more exotic as a brunette.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/chrisdg74 chrisdg74

    Does it matter? As long as she is naked, in my bed, I could not care less.
    She is maybe the only woman I would break my b-cup-minimum rule for.

  • Matt


  • The Truth Hurts!!

    I prefer brunettes…but I kinda finde her average at best.
    I guess she falls under the rule: skinny makes you pretty
    But I've seen far better looking random girls on here!

    Although…regardless I'd still hit it…blond or brunette!!

  • goposaur

    I broke my penis.

  • jim bob jones

    I would tap that chick blonde, brunette or bald.

  • an ony mouse

    isn't there a similar post already on the chive

  • Equalizer

    It does not matter, I will still hit her in both ways

  • Some guy

    Brunette. Most women look better as brunettes. Helps to frame the face better and provide higher contrast to the skin – helps the features stand out. Sarah Jessica Parker should, therefore, be a platinum blond.

    • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/chrisdg74 chrisdg74

      Actually, she should put a bag on her head and leave it there. NOTHING else can improve that mug.

      • boogers

        In the wise words of Peter Griffin "She looks like a foot"

  • dajesus

    She definitely looks nakeder as a brunette, so I’m gonna’ go with that.

    • Schlomo

      I think you've got a point. We need more naked blonde pictures to decide. She's prettier as a blonde but hotter as a brunette.

  • Some guy

    Oh, and yeah, she really needs to eat a sandwich. Or fifteen.

  • top dog

    I don't think it really matters. I mean, as a brunette she looks more sexier…I think, but she also look good as a blond….I like the dark hair better, it's something about it. All I can say is she has nice, perky tits, real tits. See ladies, you don't have to have big fake ass tits to look good, you just have to have tits. I can lick her nipples all day. Didn't mean to turn her into a sex object but……well, yes I did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.vargas1 Steven Vargas

    brunette ftw

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