• watsMYname

    i did do her

  • Ziegefucker

    I CALL BS!!

    Chive has located girls based on one pic before, why paste together 7? Different hair and clothes styles in each — something only a girl would care about, particularly a girl who'd like to see her face on the Chive.

    Plus, it's very suspicious that 'someone' found all these shots of her – probably from a social networking site – but her name was not to be found ANYWHERE.

  • Chantal Janzen

    It is chantal janzen. Nuff said.

    • hMMMM


  • anon

    Wow, this site is fucking creepy. Sorta entertaining that all these people want to know who she is and want more pics. Yet I will never give them out.

    I hold the power this time. hahahaha.

  • Always Last


  • Salvador

    Her name is Santana her phone number is 786-371-8236

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