• First

    Hot she is !

  • pankerton

    do want

  • enfermo

    i know her…she is my girlfriend! i love her…

  • stafferty

    She is really cute, I'm hoping this isn't a case of a Facebook Stalker and we can find out who it is.

  • Kyle

    IDK Chive you have gone creep status this time

    • uberbrie

      I feel like when you get paid to find this stuff out its less creeper and more spy like…The Chive spy's?

      • Leo

        We prefer "spy"

        • Kyle

          Yes my mind has been swayed this is super spy worthy

  • dsghd

    Oh, I know. That's that chick from my wet dream last night.

  • balls out

    thats my mom

  • zym

    I swear I've seen that upper left pic somewhere. Can't for the life of me remember where, though.

  • beans

    She strikes me as the type of girl that really prides herself on her dick taking ability.

    • thatdude

      I'd like to stick my penis in her vagina, if you catch my drift.

  • joeclyde

    hummana hummana

  • fapmaster

    eh chive, this is legal like ass rape. I mean it's fun and all, but if get caught..

  • ROK

    17 will get you 20 just sayin…

    don't need more pics of her anyways it's pretty clear she's got what it takes to get anyone who looks at this site off just fine.

  • paul

    these comment truly suck

  • Hans

    It's Bambi right after her dental appointment.

  • Switz

    I'm sure those pics are from a recent "Cute College Girl" submission on College Humor.

  • Andy

    Nope they aren't, but it is the same girl as #1 from the hot anonymous girls in April

    • zym

      AHA!! That's where I saw her! And they say they found her in that link. Chive's playing us for suckers. (Kinda like half their stuff is cliff note izismile, but with hotness.)

  • Don Tree

    Maybe if you showed me a pic of the top of her head.

  • Throbbit Yuengling

    A smile and a push-up bra…works for me!!!

  • RubberDogTurds

    please don't make this a weekly event… there are always new hot girls to be as opposed to stalking down old ones

  • Mattythegooch

    she gave me a handjob, with her mouth.

    • isawoj

      You mean she gave your penis a mouth hug?

  • keithp420

    Chive, you're making the Pedobear proud…

  • Insert Name Here

    Id smash

  • yuta

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  • nomeanyesyesmeananal

    yes she is hot… but it's kinda fucked up that you ask people to give her name and shit…. instant facebook hell for her.

  • andipoo magoo

    she looks like a completely brainless twat.

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