Chivers: Help us find the identity of this mystery girl

An anonymous Chiver emailed us tiny thumbnail pics of this girl and we need larger photos and her name. If you know who this is, please comment below (do not put link in comments or it will be held back for moderation) and upload photos of her here

  • watsMYname

    i did do her

  • Ziegefucker

    I CALL BS!!

    Chive has located girls based on one pic before, why paste together 7? Different hair and clothes styles in each — something only a girl would care about, particularly a girl who'd like to see her face on the Chive.

    Plus, it's very suspicious that 'someone' found all these shots of her – probably from a social networking site – but her name was not to be found ANYWHERE.

  • Chantal Janzen

    It is chantal janzen. Nuff said.

    • hMMMM


  • Always Last


  • Salvador

    Her name is Santana her phone number is 786-371-8236

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