Miss, your bikini has a hole in it (7 Photos)

  • DeMonikk1

    One of the better inventions I have seen.

    • Jawbone

      Then you're fucking pathetic.

  • Beau

    If you love your ass, what better way to show it?

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    7. I think that tan will rub off. Give me , say, an hour.

    • http://www.sexyjoe.us winston002

      mmm….heart shaped melanoma

      • MichaelGS

        yeh, whos gonna remember to put sun tan lotion UNDER the bikini bottoms? regular heart shaped sunburns on your ass are only gonna be funny for a short period of time

  • MrSweet


    • Not again

      Nope, Not even close,

  • CherryPopped

    My 1st first!

    • delorean

      Not your first FAIL, I'm sure…..

    • Anon

      And your last. Stop.

  • Vonshine

    It would be nice if you could change the pattern by swapping the patch. Is it the case?

    • Insert Name Here

      thats exactly what I was thinking

  • Tiger's Wood

    Can we relocate the hole to another area?

  • aosux

    I ❤ your butt too ladies.

  • bigBLACKguy

    i dun think my big snake would fit in that hole. imma have to take the whole bottom off and go in thru that nice white juicy back exit.

    • Tiger's Wood

      I feel retarded after reading your comments. Anybody else?

      • loopard


  • stafferty

    I wish I thought of this, I could have made a killing.

  • Bear6

    hmmmm…. that is one serious booty gentleman, one very serious tight perky wanna grab, rip and demolish booty

    • Bear6

      paper bag princess though… that mug needs some photoshop

      • Boris

        or not

  • Equalizer

    What a great idea.

  • P Diddily

    God Damn! That is some serious Inner Thigh Gap in pic 3. I would like to get up in there.

  • Jason

    Those bikinis have given me a heart-on.

  • nouu

    gawd thats hot.

  • Weird Gary

    Clever shit.

  • top dog

    Yeah well, one thing it don't have in it is an ass, cause hers is flat as a pancake. Nice bikini though, but I would love to see it on somebody like Jessica Biel…….But, shes still a woman and I'd bone the hell out of that booty.

  • DoubleO7

    What a great way to start my viewing of theCHIVE.

  • its_forge

    That is an adorable little butt she has there. Just adorable. ::sniffle:: Makes me cry just lookin' at it.

  • yuta

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  • northerner

    Oh my. What a gorgeous, shapely, beautiful tush! Marvelous! MyMyMyMyMy….

  • dt520

    If your gonna have a tan line, might as well add a cute little heart while your at it.

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  • its_forge

    Wow!!! Twenty or thirty messages down to ONE!!! This commenting system ROCKS! F*cking NOT!!!

  • amit


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