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Meet Sara Carbonero, the sports reporter for Telecinco in Spain. She was recently named "Sexiest Reporter in the World" by FHM. Anybody know a hotter one? I'm drawing a blank over here.

  • dajesus

    Disqualified for Excessive Clothing

    • Axel

      This chick is one of the most beautties in the world and she is the girlfriend of Real Madrid and Spain selection goalkeeper Iker Casillas!!(son of a b****)!!!!

      • Axel

        And the have a kiss after the final against Netherlands see it at youtube if you want

  • The Truth Hurts!!!

    I would drink her dirty bathwater!!!

  • Throbbit Yuengling

    She seems to have an oral fixation…HOT!!!

  • mike

    Looking in her eyes, I'd say there's some guy somewhere that's tired of all her shiat.

    • Jonathan

      So you mean she's a woman?

    • w/e

      yea, his name is iker casillias

  • Patrick

    A hotter reporter? Yes, a lady by the name of Melissa Theuriau.

    Holy balls if I were a Lesbian i would slip off my stool thinking of her.

    • Dacu

      Melissa is indeed beautiful…. but "Monica Dascalu" from Romanian TV is my favorite. Check out the link…

      • Dacu

        ooops… forgot the link.. here it is

    • Ren

      Agreed, and Chive even introduced me to her, yet they themselves forget. Shes def hotter

  • top dog

    She is sexy, thats for sure. I like her lipps, I'll bet she has sweet lipps. HUNGRY!!!!

    • RubberDogTurds

      her lips are nice but why does she look in pain every time she smiles??

  • beans

    Reporter huh? I'd like to see her spread.

  • Jason A Smith

    News flash! I'm aroused

  • :D!

    I cannot disagree with their assessment. She is gorgeous.

  • nickel.pl8ed

    Not sure she qualifies as a "reporter" but Erin Andrews is not too shabby. Especially nude.

  • Ouboet

    She puts the BONER in Sara CarBONERo.

    • dave

      No, I do that.

  • 654

    Ines Sainz – extraordinary ass – way hotter!!

  • Jase
  • Mattythegooch

    This just in……..I skeeted! Film at 11!

    • cavalleto

      Yeah! She's Iker Casillas's Girlfriend.
      Casillas is Real Madrid's goalkeeper.

  • just me

    Iker Casillas girlfriend

  • Sage

    I can't make a correct judgement because she has more than a tiny shirt and shorts on. Reporters need to get with the program and quit overdressing.

  • stafferty

    Shes really hot and I would be more than willing to do a variety of very drity things to her, but i can't say she is the hottest sports reporter in the world. There are at least four or five hotter just in American Football alone

  • nick

    is she good? sure, is she the hottest? no. there was this one weather girl, i cant remember her damn name though

  • bill

    FHM is wrong.

  • Smeagol

    Bird lady. Eyes are too far apart.

  • Confused

    I wish she done the Irish news

  • Dan

    nop. I don’t like her

  • Noodles

    I concur. This IS the hottest reporter of all the land!

    • Noodles

      Noodles corrects himself; IN all the land…

  • Jen

    she's hot and looks unique

  • McBeastie

    Sure, if you consider sports reporting real reporting…which you shouldn’t.

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