Vanishing America by Michael Eastman (17 Photos)

More photos by Michael Eastman.

  • DonnyG

    For some reason I see so much beauty and potential in those pictures.

  • rikooprate

    Yeah, beauty and potential. F*ck that. I see titties in 13!!!

    • Clickawhat

      Thanks for the lulz with that one

    • nathan


  • metalcool36

    I feel the need for some "Le happy"

  • come on chive!

    Oh come on Chive! i'm disturbed by the unoriginality!!

    • Borracho

      It's called aggregation you moron. Most of the stuff on this site comes from somewhere else. If you don't like it, go play in traffic or something.

  • OneClownShoe

    zombie apocalypse?

  • MichaelGS

    Unfortuantely this is how it goes. Years from now people will be looking at our modern buildings thinking the same thing

  • Hwrd_Strns_Pns

    A panoramic pic of my home town in southern Ohio would get you just as many pics of abandoned movie theatres, restaurants, bars, churches… Kinda depressing to drive thru whats left of the place.

    • chrisdg74

      Baba Booey!! Baba Booey!!

  • chrisdg74

    Is it wrong of me that the first thing I saw in #13 was the titties?

    • DaddyD

      It just means you might not be gay … unless you're a girl, and then it means you are definitely gay.

  • chrisdg74

    I drive through extreme SW Ohio and SE Indiana and see a lot of this. There is a strange beauty to it.

  • big bill

    #11 mmmm Tripe

  • top dog

    Some of this look like it may have been along old RT 66. when the federal highway system went through a lot of these old towns dryed up because there were no access to them. At the same time a lot of new towns sprung up and a lot of small town America grew. Some people call that progess, it's not a bad thing. I love those old movie theaters, if there were one in my home town, I would buy it and put that sucker back in business just to bring back some of the old times. I do love the nostalgia when I drive through some of these old towns, it remind me of the simple time my elders use to talk about.

  • top dog

    P.S. I don't think this should be called "Vanishing America", This should be called Changing AMerica, or The Changing Planet, cause I've seen this sort of thing all over the world. Times do change, that is the way of things….embrace it.

  • john g

    the movie is called " Walmart – The High Cost of Low Price" rent it for the real reason

    • BigDave

      Do they have Copies for sale at Wal-Mart? Its the only place to shop here as all the small businesses closed

  • Jonathan

    Yeah. This is the what happens when we import everything.

  • giraffe66

    aw you fuckers are doing pop up ads now?? get fooked!!

  • TexWats0n

    This is stupid. This is not America vanishing. There are a ton of ways to represent that. These are just old buidings. Time. A hundred years from now they will say the same thing. Shit changes.

  • Zoey

    Does that say "Sex Captain" on the marquee in #7??

  • aosux

    Does anyone else here "Freebird" while they look at these photos?

  • Brandon

    No dope smoking? Fuck that shit.

  • greg

    #9 is actually a small bar in memphis that is still open.

    • Green

      Is that E&H?

  • Ken

    Yeah, things do change, and there is gain with the losses. But the loss of local and regional "flavor" to the endless strip malls of corporate chain stores so that a town in Texas looks exactly the same as a town in Ohio and the same as every town in between is regrettable. Generica may be convenient but to those who knew different it ain't better.

    Great photos.

    • Mike

      Couldn't agree more

  • yuta

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  • SLO alumn

    #7 is the Fremont in San Luis Obispo, CA. A great place to see a movie.

  • derkaderka

    Pffffffffffffft , who needs these crumbling old buildings when you can go anywhere in the country and get a nice homogenous mix of stores that you can get your groceries, furniture, yard supplies and a hair cut all under one roof.

    • Buffet

      Spoken like a true idiot.

  • zedfoot

    #16 Lompoc, CA

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