Weird is as weird does (17 Photos)

  • Guest

    Fucking Hipsters
    nice hat on #10 tho

  • kdub

    How did Hall and Oates get in here (#13)?

  • sarah

    I would hang out with a few of them.

  • Raquel Costa

    If you think this is weird you should come to the city i study in…
    It would be like watching a freak show!

  • allie

    yeah, all of these are taken from LATFH

  • Yami

    i think #3 looks very normal, i mean living in korea for 2 years i get use to seeing a lot of weird things. anyways i like her get up

  • LegoAaronLego

    #16 is in a band… but which one?
    I have no clue. Help?

  • Nickcat5

    Guess I've seen this kind of thing so much,I can't think of it as weird anymore!!!

  • Jeff

    These pictures make the people of Wal-Mart look normal.
    Another totle could be: People who don't have mirrors.

    • Jeff

      Another title…

  • Evil Jack

    If these are '17 of the weirdest people…' the person who posted this has ever seen – they don't get out much. Any day in NYC I could photograph many people that would make these look normal by comparrison.

  • Turgeons

    GAK! Don't you miss the time when the worst it got was Goths? How innocent we were! Goths, we miss you, come back!

  • sam

    great journalism -_-. you just picked this off of latfh.

  • jesse

    Eat fuck ,…bite suck,…gobble,nibble,chew….?????? what..??

  • Kenny50

    ugly, lame, and stupid

  • Holly

    I like their styles. Just looks my typical group of friends from NYC. People are beautiful. Let them do look like however they want!

  • holly

    Oops.. meant to say "Let them look however they want." Typing on a foreign keyboard.. still getting used to it!

  • Thomas de Quincey

    Shamelessly stolen from (Look at this f**king hipster)

  • H i - c

    Now, that is CRAZY! 😛

  • H i - c

    I think #9 was INSANE!!! What kind of person would get covered in Hines ketchup? Are you kidding me !?! :S

  • mmmmmm

    lol, i like #15's shirt, just not on him !

  • Peri

    I was wondering for a long time what was wrong with #16, then i saw it wasnt a girl with a fake moustache, now my soul cries.

  • CaptainHammer

    Literally all these pictures are from You're not going to credit them or anything? That's completely bullshit, chive.

  • canadianbroad

    No … no … no… Someone please wake me up – I'm having that nightmare again … have none of these obviously retarded children of drug-damaged hippies not *seen* a picture of Wham? Or Duran Duran? *proceeds to search for Brain Bleach so she can forget again … for now*

  • Chels

    Little Russel Brand? #16

  • Frenchie

    Omg number 11 is so hot

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