Back by popular demand, your childhood (47 Photos)

More awesome nostalgia at imremembering.

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  • BigSlippy

    #31 = Proof Nickelodeon created Bukake way before the Japanese did.

  • Stooby

    I have to say- these are some of my favorite posts- i find my self saying "holy sh^t- I forgot about that!" Thanks for taking me back in time Chive!

  • DeMonikk1

    Seeing as how I am 28, and I just read that post, I felt like I was much younger for a brief moment again. Thanks, Chive.

  • admiralevident

    Ahh Where the Red Fern Grows…back when we allowed our children to realize bad stuff happens in life, sh*t dies and everything doesn't have a happy ending.

  • Giggaboo

    Dark Wing Duck FTW!

    • admiralevident

      Suck gas evil doers!

  • Pants

    Any child who did not experience the rainbow parachute has lived an incomplete life.

    • DeMonikk1


  • Ken

    Bozo's freakin' me out, man!

    #42: "All are welcome. ALL are welcome. There is salvation….in the Liiiiiiiiiiight."

  • rachface

    This post made my day 🙂

    I forgot about some of these things I grew up on. Thank you.
    I loved Darkwing Duck! haha

  • Htownpunk

    Pic #1; is that the Olsen twins?

  • ozzie

    #46 was from that show with susanne summers. Step by step that's the name!That fine broad was donna i think…she was hot..

    • Beau

      Thats Darkwing Duck!!!!!!

  • Jim

    I miss the parachute. My kids are doing that in gym, now.

  • AdamMfromCanada

    If you are currently 25-30yrs old and were lucky like me to not live a sheltered life and got to enjoy lots of toys and various things then many of these things will be crazily familiar. I am 26, I can recall playing and enjoying almost all of the things in this post. I remember doing a book report in school for the Haunted Mask and playing the Mattel Football Game whenever I'd go to my grandparents house, they had the Soccer game too. Whenever my mother needs something she always goes "Yo Willy", she still does that, that sh*t is right outta Alf. I could take all day about all of these things. AWESOME POST CHIVE thanks for the trip back to the past. TGIF!!!

  • Penelope

    Nothing will ever be as good. =(

    Awesome post.

  • Beau

    Ahhh, memories. It's been too long since I had a bowl of colon blow.

  • Knights of Ni

    46- Darkwing duck!
    18, 23, 40 —> FTW
    Also, I cried in middle school when I read "Where the red fern grows"

  • Confused

    Love this reminder of how old i am

  • metalhead

    I still play number muchers. That game rocks!

  • Biz

    This one made me choke up a bit. I'm 31 and for the most part you hit my time perfect. Nice touch on the first issue Nintendo Power.

    • courtney

      I'm 41 and some of those things are too young for me.

  • Adam Setzler

    Search: Robot Chicken Dark Crystal

  • Flash

    Still collect view-masters! Love them!!

  • Bob Loblaw

    Number Effin-Munchers!!!!!!!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    16….Phil Hartman…you were the man….nobody made a fake commercial like you

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  • Throbbit Yuengling

    Cowabunga Dudes!!! Man I loved my childhood. Thank you, Chive, Thank you. Now back to work. FML.

  • dt520

    #9 – Number Munchers was probably the best educational game, other than Geometric Golfer that is

    #13 – Pretty sure I had a whole bag of that a day from 7-11

    #15 – I'd imagine the newer generation would scream and run from the mechanical band

    #18 – Forgot what those are called, but I still have most of my original one

    #23 – I don't think they allow those in schools since people started using them for getting high on campus

    #31 – The Original American Bukkake

    #46 – Darkwing Duck, a true animated hero

    • courtney

      #13 – they probably got rid of it for its ties to chawin' tobaccie.
      #18 – I still see those on the shelves today.

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